Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Breaking News Alert 01-16

🔺 21 December 2016: A trilateral meeting of the Defense Ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran is occurring today in Moscow. They are ostensibly discussing the military 'end game' for the civil war in Syria in which they have intervened. A secondary goal of Russia and Iran may be to facilitate Turkey's immediate withdrawal from the NATO alliance. Students of Bible prophecy recognize these three countries as being among the principle nations identified by Ezekiel 38/39 to launch in the near future a doomed attempt to invade and conquer the State of Israel for its wealth.


Rhonda said...

WOW and WOW!! I continue to be amazed as bible prophecy is fulfilling
before our eyes.

Kevneto said...

Good stuff Sean! I check in almost everyday. Thanks for all your hard work and have a very, Merry Christmas! God bless!

Nora said...


What is your opinion, how much time could pass between the destruction of Damascus and the attack of the Gog-Magog countries? How long could that time period be at the minimum and at the maximum?

Sean Osborne said...


I've been pondering this for some time, and the only answer I've come up with thus far is that the answer to your question depends on the age of the generation of which Jesus' spoke the evening before His crucifixion in the parable of the fig tree (Matthew 24:32-35).

I have always believed that the fig tree is Israel, and Israel was born in 1948. Is that when the age of the generation of the fig tree (Israel) began in the sprouting tender branches and putting forth leaves?

The 'fig tree' is symbolic of Israel, and the tender branches putting forth leaves is the returning to the Land of Israel (Eretz Israel) because there can be no Israel without its people living in the land. So, as I understand it tender braches putting forth leaves is what occurred early on, circa 1948 when Israel was populated with returning jews and was reborn in a single day as Isaiah 66:8 prophesied would occur.

How much time? A lot less than we think or reckon by with our 365-day calendar. The prophetic timelime is on God's calendar which is a 360 day calendar. So based solely upon a 360-day per year since Israel's birth in May 1947 -- we may already be living in Israel's 70th year of its current existence!!!

That means that time is even shorter than anyone thinks. Surely, no man knows the day or the hour. All that's left is for His harpazo of us up, up and away from this world. At that point time, as we have each known it since we each became aware of time, will be forevermore irrelevant.

Rhonda said...

Hi Sean,
I was just reading an article about another step taken toward the building
of the third temple. It was about the showbread. In the comment section
someone was talking about the location of the third temple, the rapture and
the war described in Ezekiel. I'm sending this because the question was asked
about the timing of the rapture. So the comment about the rapture was that
it will take place just before Gog attacks Israel because that's when God's
attention goes back to Israel and destroys her enemies. I thought that made
sense in light of the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. As soon as Lot and family
got out of there those cities were destroyed. What do you think?

Sean Osborne said...

I believe the Harpazo of the Bride of Christ is related to Ezekiel 38/39, but only because of what is stated by God in Ezekiel 39:29. God pours out His Spirit upon all Israel after the Harpazo has occurred.

In this respect I also believe Genesis 7:4 applies to the Bride of Christ - God will tell the Bride when it is time to go out look for the coming of her Groom (I'm looking by the Spirit every day now).