Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Global SITREP E5-16: "Behold, I will break the bow of Elam"

14 December 2016: Ten days ago the above video appeared online, and like a couple of others which date to 2012 and 2015 respectively, it clearly records in graphic detail another in a series of epic failures of the vaunted Russian S-300P surface-to-air (SAM) missile system to launch. The failure is that of the 5V55KD missile itself to ignite following its 'cold launch' from the tube. The missile (the arrow) then falls back onto the launcher (the bow) destroying both.

Upon seeing this video an instantaneous reminder came to mind of the God-breathed words of the prophet Jeremiah. Jeremiah 49:35 to be exact:

“Thus says the Lord of hosts:
‘Behold, I will break the bow of Elam,
The foremost of their might.'"

Behold indeed! It has been with much media fanfare and all-around hand-wringing dread that the Russian S-300P air defense system was recently deployed to Iran after years of political delays.  As discussed previously, the land of ancient Elam is where the crown jewel of Iran's nuclear program is located, and it is here that Iran would seek to defend with the foremost of their military might that crown jewel. Undefended jewels are exposed and vulnerable, as is the country in which they reside.

UPDATE 18 December 2016: According to a report published yesterday afternoon by the Middle East Monitor (MEMO), the Islamic Republic of Iran through the mouthpiece of its IRGC commander, General Hossein Salami, has threatened the Gulf States with "Islamic conquest" as has just occurred in Aleppo, Syria. 

Quoting IRGC General Hossein Salami's comments to Iranian media: “It is now time for the Islamic conquests. After the liberation of Aleppo, Bahrain’s hopes will be realized and Yemen will be happy with the defeat of the enemies of Islam.”

NOTE: In the above linked MEMO report are a pair of embedded videos showing that as the remaining civilian refugees begin to evacuate eastern Aleppo city, mostly on foot but also in cars and buses, the Shi'a militia proxies of Iran open fire with small arms and heavy machine guns, further terrorizing those fleeing through checkpoints set up by the Russian military forces. These videos lend themselves to corroborating other reports of the massacre of fleeing civilians in eastern Aleppo in the past week.

General Salami's statement indicates that Ayatollah Khamenei and his clerical support have authorized these wars of "Islamic conquest" which are without any doubt the creation of chaos in the furtherance of the Shi'a Hojjatieh agenda of hastening the appearance of their awaited al-Mahdi figure. It is noteworthy to also say that neither Bahrain or Yemen could be conquered by Iran without also launching full-scale war against the Sunni's of Iraq, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and several other nations as well, including the Western alliance led by the United States, and Israel. 

Clearly within this Iranian threat is an overt threat of a greater war in the heart of the Middle East. A 'rumor of war' in the words as prophesied by our Lord Jesus Christ in the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24-25. Virtually all of us can now see clearly the inter-linking of several very specific Bible prophecies concerning the final wars of the pre-70th Week world as we know it. Time is short.


Sean Osborne said...

Just in case anyone has a question about the subject of this SITREP...

I know of no other Bible-based eschatology or prophecy blog/website which has made a connection between Jeremiah 49:35 and the series of missile failures.

Scipio said...

Wow Sean, this is very compelling. I thought maybe that Israel has an advanced 'Stuxnet' of some sort that would sabotage the missiles. Now...perhaps not! And with ADIR, game over!

Sean Osborne said...


I also would have to say that for ALL of the "bow of Elam" to be broken that size of an action will require the direct intervention of the Lord, in one manner or another.

These instances should be seen as a Divine warning, but they are clearly being ignored.

There is also an advanced U.S. cyber weapon that is far beyond Stuxnet's capability to wreak havoc. The weapon is called "Nitro Zeus" and it is causing tremendous terror within the Iranian government since they learned of and officially acknowledged its existence on Monday, 12 December 2016.

The Lord works in mysterious ways and has many swords and winds to choose from.

Sean Osborne said...

LD, Got your note, and yes, I am aware of that info, but thanks for passing it along because you never know what others know or don't know.

FYI... the direct email address is:

Kenneth Moore said...

Just WOW Sean. Left me speechless. We are watching Bible prophecy being fulfilled again and again.

Great Grany 5 said...

GLORY, GLORY HALLELUJAH! I believe it is time to stand and observe the Mighty Arm of The Lord at work in bringing the Hooks to the jaws of Gog! I am so excited I might just go ahead and rapture out of here and watch you all from my Savior's side!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,

(Im still thinking through your several extensive analysis sitreps of the s-300 / s-400 air defence useage in Syria and Iran vers us - Israel, USA and friends).

On a parallel threat (..."wars and rumors of wars"...) Ive just picked up the report that the there is now factual proof that the Chinese have lied about miltarising the South China sea lanes: see

Im not a fan of the Guardian, but its the first updated report to catch my eye.

Not sure what your foresight belief is regarding China's role ?, in our very late position now on the countdown to the biblical final events before Messiah Jesus returns.

Blessings, Rob.

Sean Osborne said...


See the main page, right-hand margin for SITREP E7-17 with the photograph of parading ChiCom troops.

Rhonda said...

Could you tell us who is behind the atrocities happening in Aleppo? I am
getting so confused. John Kerry and rest of our government is saying that
Bashar al-Assad and Russia are behind the rounding up and murdering people in
cold blood. So then I tend to think the opposite is true. What's happening,
besides prophecy being fulfilled??? Seems like the flood waters are rising

Sean Osborne said...


Assad and his allies are Alawite/Shi'a muslims. Religious cousins.

Residents of besieged Aleppo are Sunni muslims, aligned with Sunni jihadists like AQ, Nusra, and even IS.

The ones who are committing the genocide are more than likely the Shi'a militia that Iran has imported from Iraq and Afghanistan. They're virtually untraceable and will never held accountable... just like the Turks have never been held accountable for the Armenian genocide of a century ago.

Sean Osborne said...

I have new info on the Aleppo massacres.

They are the work of an Iraqi Shi'a militia known as "Asaeb". This militia operates within the IRGC Quds Force and is under the direct command of Qassem Soleimani. Solemani is in Aleppo directing these massacres.

Thus far 1,800 executions have occured. An additional 600 women have disappeared. Corpses of those executed are burned with fire in the streets.

Quds Force and Asaeb congratulate each other saying these atrocities are "a proud and unmatched triumph." Qassem Solemani and all of his forces are war criminals.

Rhonda said...

Thank you for your research Sean! There are few sources I believe are telling
the truth these days and I appreciate your dedication to doing just that. I
doubt anyone in America can even imagine how horrific it must be to be in Syria
now and for at least the last 5 years!! I pray God will end these atrocities now.

On another topic, what do you think is going on with zero and admin accusing Putin
of interfering with our elections other than being poor losers. I guess zero said
the US will retaliate. Is he trying to start war with Russia in his final days?
I wouldn't be surprised!!

The Spirit and the Bride say Come.

Sean Osborne said...

Another Microsoft update of my HP laptop Windows 10 platform and another system crash. I'll be down from further SITREPs until I can get a software refresh or an entirely new system.

Avoid Microsoft Windows 10 and the Edge browser at all costs...both are garbage which should never have been released to the public.

jmoll106 said...

And " Cortana" isn't very helpful.

jmoll106 said...

I don't think the House of Rep. or Senate will allow him to start a war. The rapture will be the catalyst.

89rscam said...

I have not had ANY issues with Windows 10 except for lack of drivers for hardware.

Also NEVER use the microsoft browsers.

I recommend "Brave" - It is developed by one of the founders of firefox. He got fired a couple years ago for donating to prop 10 I believe in Calif. (against gay marriage).

He was the original developer of Java too...

Try it its

Ken B

Sean Osborne said...


Bravo for Brave! Thank You!

Brave is now the default browser on my Galaxy S6, and will be soon on my repaired or new laptop.

hartdawg said...

Windows phones are junk too.... Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Here, here to your comments about Windows 10. My new Dell laptop with Windows 10 has caused me, in frustration, to use words I didn't even know. Certainly words not worth repeating on a fine Christian site like this one. I strongly recommend against making a machine from Dell your next purchase.

As for Windows Edge, the FIRST TIME I used it, it crashed so badly I had to hold the power button on my computer to turn it off and restart it. I'm incredibly disappointed with this Microsoft junk. Before taking Ken B's advice and exploring the Brave browser, Google Chrome was my browser of choice. Well, would you believe Windows 10 spies on you while using your machine? Every so often while I'm using Chrome, a Windows balloon will pop up on the bottom of the screen saying how much better the Edge browser is! Edge must be bombing among customers, though, because the latest balloon message a few days ago said you can now win free movies and computer games the more you use Edge.

- Brian from Florida

Sean Osborne said...

Windows 10 has some real bad habits when it comes to updates, but on the baseline the real problem I had was with Microsoft's Edge browser. I will not use it ever again.

I have my old HP laptop with i3 core which still requires a Windows 10 software refresh or reload. That will happen some time next week.

However, I just acquired a brand new HP i7 core laptop and how I came to acquire it can only be attributed to the Lord and His working in mysterious ways. In attempting to get the old HP repaired I got the runaround at Best Buy/Geek Squad. Long story short I went in and just took my old laptop back - they hadn't so much as touched it (a HP warranty repair) since promising yesterday to have it good as new today.

As I was leaving the Best Buy, and really needing a new laptop, I found myself walking into the nearby BJ's club where I have a membership. In there was a HP laptop near identical to my now dead one and it was at a very agreeable price. Sold.

I take the item purchase ticket to the register, the associate can't find it in inventory. Manager comes over and says he only has the floor model which I can have at a discounted discount price. Fine, sure, sold. He goes to get that laptop, comes back at tells me that someone whose name begins with the letter 'J' entered a password and basically locked that laptop up with it. He can't let me leave with that laptop in that condition.

So, the manager says let me what else I have. He brings out a new HP 15.6" Envy with i7 core running 2.7GHz, 1TB hard drive 12 Gig of memory, 15.6" touch-screen w/ Multi-touch enabled, WLAN, Bluetooth and Bang-Olufsen speakers. Total discount: $580. Praise God! :)

Sean Osborne said...

Oh, and I just put the Brave browser on my new laptop... Wow!

Miriam said...

Hi everyone, Windows 10 spies on all users and transmits the information to Microsoft. There is a free software program available for download named Spybot Antibeacon that allows you to turn off all of that telemetry. We only have one Windows 10 machine at our house right now, I'm on it as I type this, and I am running Spybot Antibeacon, have been running it for months. I never use the Edge browser that came with this system, sounds like it was a good thing that I haven't :-) I'll have to try Brave, have been using Firefox and DS uses Chrome. Anyway, wanted to let you know about Spybot Antibeacon.

hartdawg said...

Awesome testimony. My opinion is because it's because the Lord wants you to keep people informed on the times we live in, or it could just be a coincidence

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, America was a different country than it is today. Organizations we interact with on a daily basis were trusted. For instance, media personalities like Walter Cronkite of CBS News and John Chancellor of NBC News were held in high esteem. Although radio, TV and newspaper journalists may have been left-leaning in those days, their editors made a concerted effort to offer stories that, on balance, stayed in the center. Department stores shared the same values as mainstream American society. So on major American holidays like Thanksgiving and Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter, stores were closed. Most companies honored and respected their employees and, in turn, many employees rewarded them with loyalty by building their entire careers at a single company. Morality was never questioned, and companies never pushed against the common Judeo-Christian values that America was built on.

I don't know Tucker Carlson and rarely watch Fox News Channel enough to know if he was a regular contributor to the channel's programming before he got his own weeknight show. In any case, a recent episode of his program keenly illustrates how much our country has changed. The program featured a short interview with a senior writer from Newsweek magazine. At the beginning of the segment (you can watch the whole thing here: ), which lasted about 10 minutes, Carlson asked the Newsweek correspondent about one of his Tweets, which alleged that Donald Trump was addicted to drugs and suffered a nervous breakdown in the late 1980s/early 1990s and was admitted to a mental hospital. When Carlson asked whether Trump was hospitalized, the Newsweek correspondent grew notably irritated and started obfuscating and delaying his reply to the question. At one point he even turned belligerent and made accusations about the honesty of the Fox News host. Like I said, I don't know Carlson and don't know whether he's accurate in his reporting or not. But it was clear to me that the Newsweek correspondent was caught in a lie. Unfortunately, this has become all too common. Where once the media were trusted among the American people, today they -- with few exceptions -- have been revealed to be nothing more than pushers of propaganda. (Continued)

- Brian from Florida

Anonymous said...

(Cont.) But it's not just the media. For as long as a decade or more, we've seen the covers slowly being removed from bedrock institutions in our society, from banking and commerce to law and politics. And what's hidden underneath has been startling: Few, if any, of these once-lauded institutions have any integrity. They've all been eroded by moral rot and decay. When we thought we could trust our media, they have been revealed to be partisan hacks. When we thought we could trust our banking system, we learned it's been built on sand. Our bank notes are worth less and less by the year and our buying power diminished by the extreme debt our "betters" have placed on us in the names of care and compassion. When we wanted to trust our justice system, we learned the system has been rigged to apply our laws unequally based upon political power and status. And when we looked to our representatives in government to crack down on the greed that's caused millions of our good paying jobs to flee to slave mills abroad, we learned their allegiance was bought a long time ago by special interest groups. Only the powerful few have a voice in Washington -- not you, Mr. or Ms. American citizen.

I could go on with example after example, but I think you get the picture. I believe God has pulled back the curtains of these institutions of society to reveal that, like the Wizard of Oz, we've placed our trust too long in people and places that aren't deserving of it. My question to you, Sean, and the readers here is why has God revealed this corruption to us now? Could it be that He's hinting to us that now is our time to grow in our faith and trust in Him, and leave the institutions of this world behind us? I don't know the answer to this question, but certainly would like to get your thoughts and the thoughts of other readers of this blog.

Why is God revealing how corrupt our world has become? And, why now?

- Brian from Florida

Sean Osborne said...

That is how Tucker Carlson operates, he puts the enemedia guest in a position of no escape, no alibi, and then drops the truth bomb on his/her head. Very effective, and only the most arrogant liberals and lefties dare to come on his show because they do not believe he can touch them. He always does "get them." And he does it politely, with a smile or quirky grin. Great TV.

Sean Osborne said...

Because time is all but up for human history as we have known it. The world is about to be judged in the 70th Week.

Rhonda said...

Brian, all the unveiling is God telling us times almost up. It is prophecies
like 2 Timothy 3 - lovers of self.....being fulfilled. Just look at Hillbilly
Clinton and all the corruption and crime they have gotten away with. They
have so much blood on their hands and yet live like American royalty. Thank
God she isn't our president. The corruption we witness in our government everyday
speaks to the very late hour we are in. IMHO

Sean Osborne said...

One last note. I'll use Brave for everything with one exception - the composing and updating of this blog.

Brave is not 100% compatible with what I need to do for Eschatology Today purposes. For this Chrome is 100% and that's what I will use.

Great Grany 5 said...

Sean & Company,

Great discussion and in total agreement with you all!


Sean Osborne said...

About the Brave browser...

It a browser every born-again Christian should consider switching to ASAP, especially if you're using the pro-gay marriage and politically correct Mozilla Firefox browser.

Search: and read they story of Brendan Eich. I think you may the switch pretty quickly thereafter.

Lance M said...

Loaded brave yesterday far, I would recommend!