Thursday, December 22, 2016

Breaking News Alert 02-16

🔺 UPDATE 14 March 2017: As of this date it appears that what had been a covert deployment of Russian special forces (i.e. Spetsnaz) has now been fully compromised. The Russian Spetznaz forces are reportedly operating from an Egyptian airfield an hour east of the Libyan border. The airfield and adjacent Egyptian air defense sites are located three miles south of the coastal Egyptian town of Sidi Barrani, itself sixty miles east of the Libyan border. The Spetsnaz unit is operating in support of General Khalifa Haftar's (noted below) Libyan National Army (LNA). The LNA has suffered a series of defeats over the couple of weeks, losing control of key oil terminals. Increased and long-term Russian military (land,sea, air) forces activity here is a virtual certainty according to Bible prophecy (Daniel 11:40-45).

22 December 2016: How appropriate that the content of this second in the series breaking news alerts is what it is. Russia president is not standing still. In concert with the trilateral meeting described in Breaking news Alert 01-16, Russia is also forging a military alliance with the newly emergent Libya, another of the nations identified in Ezekiel 38/39 as joining in the near-future attempted invasion of Israel.

Libyan Gen. Khalifa Haftar departing Russian Foreign Ministry, Moscow recently.
The current Libyan strongman is General Khalifa Haftar. Through his rapidly improving and ever more lethal military machine (Libyan National Army) General Haftar controls the vast majority of Libyan territory, far more than any other Libyan faction. Russia's Putin personally extended his hand to General Haftar six months ago, and since then Russian military hardware, expertise and funding have been steadily arriving at Haftar's primary bases in eastern Libya.

On the loosing end of the new Russian adventurism in the Mediterranean Sea region is the United Nations-supported government of Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj in Tripoli, Libya and its military forces formerly known as Libya Dawn and Government of National Accord. The U.S. (under Obama) and E.U. are also supporters of the al-Serraj government. 


Sean Osborne said...

Am I imagining it, or did I just feel and hear several hundred jaws drop wide open after reading breaking news alert 02-16? ;)

Lance M said...

Another piece is placed in the puzzle...was wondering how Cush & Put were going to be brought into this scenario. The curtain should come up anytime now. I know what I want for Christmas....


LD said...


You instincts at very much alive and well! This is a great time to use these prophesy keys to witness to family over Christmas. My family binge watches the "news"...but has absolutely no clue how the news is reporting Bible prophesy as it is taking place...or setting up. Gives us an amazing open door. Thank you for your incredible knowledge. It is truly a gift and a blessing.

Merry Christmas!

LD said...


I am watching...somewhat horrified, and probably not all that surprised really, but nonetheless so angered that our government just a little while ago just back stabbed Israel at the UN, effectively undermining Trump and Israel and years of solid support for the Jewish state. Ironic that the former worst president of the US was part of the crowd calling for this very action. I can only hear in my head "I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you". Praying the curse doesn't fall on innocent people via terrorism or natural disaster over this Christmas weekend. here in the US. I am sure God is using this very event to line up yet more prophesy fulfillment. I feel such a burden right now to be prayer for defense of our nation and people.

Be safe brothers and sisters. We just crossed yet another line.


Miriam said...

The comfort in this is that God is perfectly able to continue protecting Israel without anyone's help and He does not punish the just (the Bride of Christ) with the unjust. Recall that God was unable to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah until Lot's family had left. God has heard the prayers of everyone that has cried out to Him on behalf of Israel, our country and the world. Earlier this past week I read an article in Decision magazine where Franklin Graham did a retrospective on the prayer rallies that he led across the country, which were echoed in innumerable events large and small everywhere across America. In the article, it was noted that over 80% of Evangelicals voted Republican, and this along with the prayers of the saints may turn out to have been the pivotal fact that led the Trump/Pence ticket to victory.

To echo something that Sean said some time ago, I would suggest that as a nation we appear to be engaging in a sort of national repentance (the repentance that is in the Hebrew bible involves a change in direction/action, rather than a feeling or emotion, or even a verbal or spiritual crying out to God for forgiveness. It is an action verb, the meaning has a different color than the way we use it in the English language. It literally means to realize you were headed in the wrong direction and do an about-face/forward march, to use a military term).

If Trump is telling the truth, and I think he is, the incoming administration will bless Israel, and we will be doing an about face/forward march in many other areas. I believe God knows that and He will bless us according to His purposes.

hartdawg said...

Will not the judge of the earth do right?