Thursday, December 29, 2016

Breaking News Alert 05-16

🔺 29 December 2016: The anticipated uber arrogant and condescending speech of yesterday from SECSTATE Kerry was even worse than anticipated. It is absolutely illustrative of the fantasy world the global elite, the un-elected global oligarchy, and their mindless minions have created for themselves to live in. Moreover, these developments provide iron-clad, prima facie evidence that the strong delusion sent by the Lord (II Thessalonians 2:11) may already be in place.

That said, and with a big "hat tip" to SammiD, the proverbial "other shoe" has apparently also dropped. The other shoe is the subject of this breaking news alert, a must read report from The Jewish, headlined "Jimmy Carter to Obama: Grant Recognition to 'State of Palestine' at UN." 

Seems to me we're barreling along with a full head of steam into the final act of the Psalm 83 scenario. "These things must take place." Marana'tha!


LD said...


Wow...we are watching prophesy unfold at break neck speed. It is just amazing that Obama, Kerry and Carter would be able to pull of this 11th hour end around on Israel. I was listening to some of the prophesy updates by Amir Tsarfati last night and basically he said that Obama has all but sealed his fate. I agree with you that war will result. I just can't figure out how these elitists can think that they can simply proclaim statehood, and it will be done with no ramifications. War will be the result, and yes, the fulfillment of Ps 83 is upon us. It is likely that this trio is desiring the end of Israel...not understanding what God says about His covenant land and people. Blood will be on Obama/Kerry/Carter once Jewish lives are lost. As Amir said, this administration has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy decision over the past 8 years. And for this administration (in my opinion the very worst we have ever had in modern times) to take advice from the next to worst president in modern times is astounding. I am reminded of what Jehoshaphat said in 2 Chronicles:

"O Lord God of our fathers are you not God in heaven, and do You not rule over all the kingdoms of the nations, and in Your hand is there not power and might so that no one is able to withstand You? Are you not our God who drove out the inhabitants of this land before Your people Israel, and gave it to the descendants of Abraham Your friend forever? 2 Chron 20:6-7.

God is in charge.....


hartdawg said...

Sean, 2 questions which may have obvious answers
1) with the developments over the last week, it seems that we have taken a huge leap towards the final fulfillment of the ongoing fulfillment of Psalm 83. Before last week, I would have said that it could still be, and likely would be a few years before Psalm 83 will be fulfilled. Now I seriously doubt that. My question is do you think it's highly likely that this prophecy will come to pass before Christmas of next year?
2) I mentioned this on another post but I'll ask this question here. Is it acceptable for me to pray for swift and severe judgment to fall and to fall hard on obama, kerrry and all the parties involved in this shameful treatment of Israel?

jmoll106 said...

Hartdawg, I continually try to remind myself that God's wrath is already on the unbeliever but His grace delays judgement. Their conversion is the greatest miracle of all. (I say this even as I grit my teeth in anger). They probably will not repent but God knows and I know you know this as well. Hang in their brother.

Sean Osborne said...


1) Not one to dabble in newspaper exegesis, and never having claimed to be a prophet, I will say that anything is possible to happen within the next year. I'm on record here already saying that thru 2017-18 I believe a literal flood of prophetic fulfillment will be well underway.

2) You're asking me if is it wrong to pray for that which the Lord has already prophesied or bound Himself to accomplish in a covenant? To this I would say sure, Genesis 12:3 is a covenant promise, and otherwise if Asaph can do it (Psalm 83, a prophetic prayer), why not the bride of Christ?

hartdawg said...

Sean, in response to your response
1) "I have never been one to dabble in newspaper exegesis" that's one of the reasons why I continued to frequent this site. I seen so many otherwise good prophecy teachers do that very thing and to be honest when I see these things rapidly develop it is really tempting for me to follow that bandwagon boy you must remember God's word will be fulfilled when God's word is fulfilled.

2) when I first heard of Obama backstabbing Israel like this and then John Kerry speech it was as if I was immediately drop to my knees to pray this prayer, and I sincerely hope you'll agree with me with this prayer, Lord I pray for
A) the Peace of Jerusalem. You said in your word that no weapon fashioned against the nation of Israel will prosper, and that includes Obama and the UN. So I pray in the name of Jesus that these resolutions will fall flat on their face.
B) Mercy on the millions of Americans, particularly Bible believing Christians who are radically opposed to this regimes shameful treatment of each other people. Please have mercy and spare us from the Judgment that's about the fall, either by The Rapture or by some other means
C) judgement on the main perpetrators. I pray for a Swift and severe judgement on Obama, John Kerry, the UN and all the others coming against the nation of Israel. I pray that the judgment will fall solely on them. Will not the judge of the whole earth do right?
D) the incoming Administration. I pray for Donald Trump and his staff that they would have wisdom to deal with this situation, that they would find ways around these resolutions and I pray that him and Netanyahu will be able to continue to build and dwell in the Eternal City where you have chosen to put your name. I ask these things in your name

Sean Osborne said...



LD said...


Amen!! Hartdawg, awesome prayer. That will be printed out and prayed over. The end of this era...or error can't come fast enough.

Blessings brothers.

hartdawg said...

Thank you LD. I'm in no way promoting my self, but please pass this prayer along to as many as possible. For America and Israel.
Lord bless you this coming year. Perhaps this will be the year.

Chuck B. said...

After the US veto abstention of UN Resolution 2234 vote earlier this week, I was wondering about what form the Genesis 12:3 effect would take at this time of year. Knowing that we're not in the season of tornadoes or hurricanes, earthquakes flashed into my mind along with the state of California. Well, Bill Koenig pointed out today that there were over 700 measured earthquakes in Nevada and California this past week. I think this may just be a warning signal or maybe the starter's gun firing to kick things off.

Sean Osborne said...


I think, contrary to Bill Koenig's suggestion, that 'last days' earthquakes in diverse places are a literal fulfillment of Jesus' Olivet prophecy.

The 'quakes occurence are global in nature and a sign that this fallen world is coming to an end as the 'last days' have been in-progress since Jesus ascension into heaven.

ALL nations will come againt Israel and the Lord's judgment of them all will occur during the 70th Week.

I wonder why Koenig did not cite the Lord's judgment on New Zealand and Senegal, among the other 12 UNSC nations who voted against Israel in the attempt to divide that land? Why did he not cite the Kiwi's recent devastating quake as a Divine "warning shot."

In just days these excesses against Israel by a few evil men will be reversed by a new and resurgent America in which the bride of Christ has a key leadership role.

jmoll106 said...

Naftali Bennett's statement on youtube from Mt Hermon was excellent.

Sean Osborne said...


That was exactly what I would expect to hear from Naftali Bennett in advance of the coming hostilities. Thanks for bringing us the link!

hartdawg said...

Sean, I agree with your response to chuck. Unlike Katrina in 2005 and other instances in the past, where Bush SR, clinton, W Bush and obama bullied Israel, this time it was just obama, kerry and a few others. This time, not only was the American people against it, so was most of our leadership. That's why I'm thinking that judgment will fall mostly on obama. Correct me if I'm wrong please.

jmoll106 said...

Sean, Do you think there is any teeth to the Israel/Palistinian peace process France is holding on Jan 15.?

Sean Osborne said...


It's all on Obama and his minions. This is the subject of the first Breaking News Alert for 2017.


The event scheduled in Paris for January 15 will have nothing to do with an "Israeli-Palestinian peace process." 70 nations are scheduled to attend, Israel will not be one of them, nor will a "Palestinian" delegation be there, and the final total of attendees remains to be determined two weeks from now. Netanyahu rejected Hollande's invitation, and France voted in favor of the recent UNSC resolution. Nothing will come of this follow-on assault upon Israel's sovereignty.

There may even be very few Jews in France at that time if French Jews heed Avigdor Lieberman's call for them to get out of the country while this "tribunal" is convened.

Great Grany 5 said...


I began petitioning Abba in the name of Jesus to bring to justice all those who have betrayed Israel and the AMERICANS especially! The Apostle Paul petitioned Timothy some wise advice in 1 Timothy 1: verses 18 through 20! Paul wrote that two men have turned away faith and have made shipwreck, of who, I have delivered unto Satan, that they may learn not to blaspheme! If I remember correctly Paul was saying he allowed Satan to destroy their flesh so they would not destroy their souls by stepping into unforgiving sin! I join with Hawtdwag and jmoll! ARRIVED THERE LAST WEEK and now Ifeel better.

Let us pray for God's great blessings to flow freely to our incoming President and that his salvation will be genuine and validated by being in filled by the baptism with the Holy SPIRIT and God's Abu dang wisdom and peace that passes all the world's understanding!