Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Libyan War

27 March 2011: Prior to United Nations sanctioned military action by the West (EU, US, CAN) the Western media was prompt to report to our population the urgent calls from the fighters and civilians on the ground opposing Qaddafi and the Arab League for our intervention; to save the Libyan people from Qaddafi’s genocide.

Who started this war in Libya, and under what ideological banner?

Could it be the same group of Islamic agitators as exists elsewhere in the world – Islamic fundamentalists? The al-Ikhwan al-Muslimun. The Muslim Brotherhood. This is same group and Islamist ideology the socialist left in the West loves to promote as a cause célèbre. Freedom fighters and defenders of the common Muslim men, women and children against the anti-democratic despots and their totalitarian regimes supported by the West to the tune of billions of dollars for decades. The corporate media in the US have even gone so far as to heap praise and hero worship upon the anti-Qaddafi fighters, including suicide and IED bombers identical to those repeatedly attacking major Western cities such as Jerusalem, Madrid, Paris, London, New York City and Washington, D.C. This is the same ideology as is being opposed by our nation’s finest heroes and our dwindling treasury in Afghanistan and Iraq for the better part of the past 10 years, and was completely unopposed in any meaningful way going back to the first WTC bombing in 1993.

So we find ourselves intervening in an illegal, undeclared war in Libya, characterized by our national leadership as a “kinetic military action,” for the purpose of preventing genocide against the same Islamic “freedom fighters” as we have fought against all this time in Afghanistan and Iraq. Tell me, why are our armed forces responding to the Libyan civil war? Does not the Arab League possess enough military hardware, fighting men and treasury to oppose Qaddafi as they have consistently done against the State of Israel for the past 63 years? Why do the Arab Muslims need our military forces to do their dirty work? We’re told by our national leadership that our efforts in Libya will ultimate result in democracy coming to the Libyan people. Really? Do they mean the same kind of democracy that came to the Gaza Strip or Lebanon?

There is enough information in this brief article to wake up all but the most comatose, consciousness-suspended or gleefully misinformed among us regarding the reality of the situation. In case you’re still unsure about that which I write, allow me to be as blunt as Diana West has been: Our military forces have joined the Islamic Jihad. So how does it feel to be the Global Jihad’s rent-a-cop?

24 March 2010: President Obama fully and intentionally skirted the U.S. Constitution in illegally ordering the Pentagon to commence acts of war against Libya. In light of this fact President Obama’s orders to the U.S. military to execute these attacks in Libya constitutes an illegal order under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

Members of the US Armed Forces who obey illegal orders are subject to criminal prosecution.

Per the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ):

Section 16c(1)(c): Lawfulness. A general order or regulation is lawful unless it is contrary to the Constitution, the laws of the United States, or lawful superior orders or for some other reason is beyond the authority of the official issuing it.

Section 14c(2)(a)(i): Inference of lawfulness. A order requiring the performance of a military duty or act may be inferred to be lawful and it is disobeyed at the peril of the subordinate. This inference does not apply to a patently illegal order, such as one that directs the commission of a crime.

Such illegal orders are a crime as in war crime, an international war crime at that. These illegal orders can apply as war crimes in the International Court of Justice subjecting every member of the US Armed Forces, from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff down to the lowest ranking service member who carried out these orders, to trial and punishment outside of any American jurisdiction.

The UCMJ allows for the disobedience of illegal orders because such orders constitute a crime, or be part of a criminal conspiracy, either under military, civilian or international law.

I urge both Republican and Democrat members of our House of Representatives and Senate to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against President Barack Hussein Obama II and to immediately direct our National Military Command Authority to halt all military operations against Libya.


hartdawg said...

correct me if I'm wrong but lets see if my facts are straight, the same media, politicians and bleeding hearts that accused Bush of entering an "illegal" war with Iraq, despite the genocide and the likelihood that Saddam had weapons, and despite the countless rumors that Saddam shipped them to neighboring countries under the u.n.s noses, these same people who made Bush out to be a murderer and the war a disaster, are the SAME PEOPLE encouraging action in Lybia and Egypt so the "peaceful muslims" and "freedom fighters" can have freedom to practice their sharia law. ain't that a double standard? are my facts straight?

SeanOsborne said...

Yes, hartdawg, your facts are perfectly aligned, like little Qaddafi Ducks in a row.

hartdawg said...

Qaddafi ducks, that's good. so if Bush goes to war he's a war monger, if obummer goes to war he's a champion of freedom. now that makes sense.

Sparrow said...

This entire world mess is now beyond any and all sense.I'm weary from trying to figure it all out.

Come on Lord Jesus!

Anonymous said...

Somewhat off topic, but..........I am beginning to believe that the US (CIA sponsored al queda,our usual dirty tricks, etc) might actually be the nation to destroy Damascus rather than Israel as I always assumed.

Also, we have to be getting so very close to the 1/3 destruction of sea life and vegetation. The gulf disaster has convinced me to give up Corexit shrimp - the other choice is Chinese shrimp, no thanks. And now all of the wonderful Japanese cottage industry nutritious foods and seafood are off limits for a long while. The Alaskan seafood might even become polluted. I can't imagine that it will be too much longer before man has truly destroyed at least 1/3 of sea life. Susan

SeanOsborne said...


It will be Israel that destroys Damascus in retaliation for the attack against it as described in Isaiah 17:4-5.

I interpret this Syrian attack upon Israel will be bio-chemical WMD in nature according to verse 11 which speaks of "in the day of disease and incurable pain."

hartdawg said...

good morning Sean! how are things? several months ago on this site you listed the people groups involved in the 10th Roman legion, proving them to be Europeans. I can't find that post. would you be willing to post a link to that post? a friend of mine has been listening to walid shoebat and I want to show where his teaching is flawed. I'd really appreciate it.

hartdawg said...

oh! one more thing...on the Hal Lindsey report Hal is going to show all the things that happened in 1948 proving that year to be the hinge of history. just as you have saying. I'm setting my VCR.