Monday, October 28, 2013


This image is of PM Netanyahu before the UN General Assembly in September 2012 explaining that Israel's red line for Iranian nuclear weapons program would be crossed in mid-2013. Was he bluffing? Did he make a fool of himself and the State of Israel before the entire world with empty rhetoric? Or did he mean what he said and is Iran now 3.5 months inside of this drawn red-line? Will PM Netanyahu be giving the same speech to the UN General Assembly in 2014?

UPDATE 28 October 2013: With respect to the ISIS update posted below two days ago, Danny Danon, Israel's Deputy Defense Minister, went on-the-record concerning the true meaning of that analysis:
Israel Deputy Defense Minister (Likud) Danny Danon

"We have made it crystal clear - in all possible forums, that Israel will not stand by and watch Iran develop weaponry that will put us, the entire Middle East and eventually the world, under an Iranian umbrella of terror."

26 October 2013: Many have questioned and some have even denied that PM Bibi Netanyahu has reached the end of the rope with Iran and its drive for indigenous nuclear weapons capability. Some see him as weak and ineffective, prone to cave-in to whatever an American president demands of him. But then again, such people do not know what Bibi Netanyahu and several of the world's leading nuclear weapons experts have been aware of since last month. Not only will Iran be able to produce about 7 nuclear weapons by Christmas, but the first of those weapons could be constructed and deployed before we can cook our turkey dinners this coming Thanksgiving Day. 

This is news that comes not from a leak inside Israel, but from an analytical study (.pdf file: Iranian Breakout Estimates, October 24, 2013) conducted by the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) as revealed in yesterday's edition of USA Today. And, yes, ISIS is an American institution. And, unlike the Obama Administration, the ISIS is under no illusion nor are they in denial about what 19,000 spinning Iranian IR-1 and IR-2m enrichment centrifuges can accomplish within the next month without anyone on planet earth knowing that it had occurred until after the weapon was detonated in a test. This is likely the urgency driving Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu's final warnings to Iran and the world-at-large.

20 October 2013: The key intelligence item that has emerged from the recently adjourned P5+1 nuclear negotiations in Geneva is this: Iran has arrived at the technological point of its military applications of uranium enrichment and weapon design and delivery where it could construct approximately 7 deliverable weapons in just 8 weeks time. Put another way, the apocalyptic Iranian regime could construct and deliver its own nuclear weapon by Christmas 2013. This level of Iranian achievement is non-negotiable in further talks, nor will it be reduced in any manner whatsoever. Iran has determined to retain this technological capability in perpetuity and to execute the final sprint to weapons construction without any outside party being aware of it. The question is: How comfortable is Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu with this fact?

16 October 2013: "The first lesson is to never underestimate a threat, never underestimate an enemy, never ignore the signs of danger. We can’t assume the enemy will act in ways that are convenient for us. The enemy can surprise us. Israel will not fall asleep on its watch again. 

We can’t surrender the option of a preventive strike. It is not necessary in every situation, and it must be weighed carefully and seriously. But there are situations in which paying heed to the international price of such a step is outweighed by the price in blood we will pay if we absorb a strategic strike that will demand a response later on, and perhaps too late.

A preventive war, even a preventive strike, is among the most difficult decisions a government can take, because it will never be able to prove what would have happened if it had not acted. But the key difference between the Six Day War (June 1967) and the Yom Kippur War (October 1973) lies first of all in the fact that in the Six Day War we launched a preventive strike that broke the chokehold our enemies had placed on us, and on Yom Kippur the government decided, despite all warnings, to absorb the full force of an enemy attack." 

--The above are the essential words of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel as spoken on Tuesday, 15 October 2013, on the 40th Anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur War in a speech to the Israeli Knesset.

Assessment: If the negotiations currently underway in Geneva, Switzerland between the five permanent members of the United Nation Security Council P5+1 (US, UK, France, Russia and China, + Germany) and the Islamic Republic of Iran results in the easing of its imposed economic sanctions against Iran and fails to dismantle Iranian nuclear weapons capabilities, then the amount of time that remains before Israel launches preemptive strikes on Iran might well be counted in single digit days.

14 October 2013: A final warning is a final warning. Anyone who thinks that the Prime Minister of Israel is bluffing about his intent to prevent apocalyptic Iranian Shi'a from possessing nuclear weapons had better THINK AGAIN because "never again" means exactly that, never again.

9 October 2013: Make no mistake, one week ago yesterday at the meeting of the 68th General Assembly of the United Nations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered to the world what can only be understood as Israel's final warning prior to taking action, unilateral if necessary, against the Iranian nuclear weapons program. You can view the video of PM Netanyahu's U.N. speech HERE

Contrary to and well-beyond how the majority of western media portrayed this speech as Netanyahu's use of mild "wolf in sheep's clothing" euphemisms to describe Iranian President Rouhani's charm offensive, the Israeli PM delivered a lesson in 4000 years of Jewish history dating back to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; that this 4000 years of history is at this moment challenged by a nuclear armed Iran that unambiguously seeks Israel's destruction. 

In his speech Netanyahu emphasized what we know as the 2500-year old Biblical historical account of Persian King Cyrus famous edict liberating the Jews from the Babylonian exile and proclaiming their right to return to their ancestral homeland in Israel and to rebuild the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem. Netanyahu emphasized that this was a well-known historical Persian decree, which thereby declared as invalid all current Islamic edicts regarding Israel's existence as mere modern-day fabrications of deceived minds.

Prime Minister Netanyahu made clear that Israel's struggle is not with the Persian people, nor with the Arab people for that matter. Israel's struggle is with the false religious construct that is Islam and which has thoroughly deceived those under its dictates in more modern times. In Iran's case, since as recently as 1979, just 34 years ago. The poignant contrast was drawn by Netanyahu between 2,500 years of Jewish-Persian friendship and the past 34 years of blind hatred brought about by the "unforgiving creed" and "unforgiving regime" that is Islam which has conquered and crushed the Persian people's hope for democracy.

Prime Minister Netahyahu's speech speaks for itself. I urge you to click the link above and watch it for yourself. "Facts are stubborn things" stated the Prime Minister of Israel. The fact is these words are the final warning that will be given prior to Israel doing what it must in exercising its vigilance to ensure its own future from the Iranian nuclear threat.

The primary prophetic reference here is to Jeremiah 49:34-39 as has been discussed many times on Eschatology Today.  However, the Lord also spoke through the angel Gabriel with respect to the extent of Persian ascendency among the gentile nations, and this can be found in its fullest extent within the text of Daniel 10:10 and 11:4.

Daniel 11:2 is a single prophetic sentence that encompasses over 200 years of history. This verse takes us from the first year of Darius, through a total of four subsequent Persian kings to the end of the Persian (Achaemenid) Empire when it is crushed in verse 3 by Greece, and which is the Biblical introduction to Alexander III of Macedon, more famously known as Alexander the Great. From the Bible's prophetic perspective Persia is no longer relevant as a great power and appears only briefly in Ezekiel 38:5 as a second tier ally in the final pre-70th Week military engagement of significance.


mark3210 said...

I thought the same, the UN speech sounded very much like a "final warning".

The one part that gave me pause however was when he talked about what the international community should do - saying they should toughen sanctions rather than loosen them.

Knowing that this will never happen, the question remains how much more time will he allow for these bogus negotiations to play out?

I think perhaps a month or two but I still see an end before the new year.

Sean Osborne said...


I tend to believe that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be unlike President George W. Bush; he will not leave office with the spectre of a nuclear-armed apocalyptic Iran as something for his successor to have to deal with.

I believe Netanyahu will strike Iran (with the penultimate force multiplier of YHWH God) when Iran least expects it.

One of these nights, after sun set in the Middle East, we'll begin to see or hear news reports of a nation-wide power outage occurring in Iran; ships in the gulf and overhead satellites or spy drones with cameras will suddenly see a virtually pitch black expanse where Iran was.

That's when we'll begin to learn that Israel's strike on Iran has begun, when non-nuclear EMP shuts everything down just before the IAFs F15I and F-16I strike aircraft arrive over their targets like ghosts in that night sky, their power magnified because they are the sword which the LORD has brought against Elam.

Not one utterance of "allahu-akhbar" will be heard at that time. Instead, whispers will grow into shouts of "Sh'ma Yisra'el Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Echad" will take their place in the Middle East. And to the fanatical Islamic faithful their "Allah" will manifestly prove to be utterly powerless in the face of the "I AM that I AM" God of Israel.

Jonathan said...

Fascinating times and great analysis. Very educational. Keep up the great work Sean.

mark3210 said...

One of the questions still in my mind is whether or not the lunar cycle is still an important factor.

Is the Israeli government likely to wait an extra week or two after negotiations fail until the next new moon - or are they more likely to go right away to make a more powerful rejection of whatever comes out of Geneva?

Drew said...

The world needs to pay attention to PM Netanyahu. Unlike some other countries, Israel does not bluff. Make no mistake, if Israel feels that they are in imminent danger, they WILL take preemptive action.

Sean Osborne said...


These words from Netanyahu, both the UN speech and Yesterday's in the Knesset, are the most unambiguous that I have ever seen from a national leader since Ronald Reagan.

The unambiguous facts are these:

1.) Israel CANNOT absorb an Iranian nuclear first strike (as the Israeli government led by PM Golda Meir decided to do in the conventional war of Yom Kippur 1973) because in a nuclear strike on a state the size of Israel there is no strategic depth on which it can rely.

2. Therefore, the ONLY operative policy that PM Netanyahu has available is the preemptive policy that Israel used to great effect in 1967.

3. The countdown to Israeli action will begin if the P5+1 announcement is anything less than a status quo for current economic sanctions pending the full and verified dismantling of Iranian nuclear weapons infrastructure.

It doesn't get any simpler than this.

Sean Osborne said...


That will depend on when the P5+1 actually announce the results of the current Geneva negotiating session.

There is a full moon over Tehran during the night of 19-20 October.

However, if the strike is lead by a NNEMP (as I do expect) then the phase of the moon is probably not as important of a factor in the timing of the strike.

mark3210 said...

I see the news that George Bush spoke to a Jewish gathering in NYC of 1200 last night about Iran.

Bush rarely makes public appearances anymore.

Perhaps it is yet another sign of how short the clock is now......

Sean Osborne said...

I'll have to look at what our former President actually had to say to them, but it's not hard to imagine that he spoke about the Yom Kippur War anniversary.

About an hour ago I learned that the two critical things Bibi Netanyahu wanted to see come out of this P5+1 session (chaired by the EU) in Geneva will not be realized.

Just the opposite in fact has come out of the now adjourned session.

1) The P5+1 has apparently acquiesced to new Iranian conditions for further talks. This translates to the fact that the UN imposed economic sanctions on Iran will be eased, and

2)Iran will continue with its uranium enrichment program.

The P5+1 are scheduled to reconvene with Iran on or about 6/7 November in Geneva. That would also be within am optimum window for an Israeli strike (no moon in the sky).

Interesting days ahead.

mark3210 said...


Do you think it would make any sense for Netanyahu to set some sort of public deadline for Iran?

And I know last year's UN red line was a form of one, but I mean more specific like if he were to say we're giving them 2 weeks to halt all enrichment.

I know that would give up a lot of the element of surprise - but at least it would get them out of the diplomatic box we've seen before where the first round of talks leads to the second round of talks which leads to the third round of talks without any progress or end in sight.

Sean Osborne said...


PM Netanyahu has already publicly set a nuclear red-line for Iran. He literally drew it in graphic form in front of the UN General Assembly in September of last year.

Remember the image of the classical image of a "bomb" with a red line across the bottleneck where the fuse is?

Netanyahu clearly stated to the entire General Assembly that Iran would reach the red line threshold he had drawn by mid-2013.

Therefore, as far as PM Netanyahu and the State of Israel are concerned:

A.) Iran crossed the State of Israel's established red line three and one-half months ago...

B.) Iran is now in the red zone of an Israeli preemptive strike.

There will be no more warnings or red lines drawn.

GAME OVER exactly as the final update to this post says. Never again means exactly that.

Sean Osborne said...

mark3210 wrote...

"I see the news that George Bush spoke to a Jewish gathering in NYC of 1200 last night about Iran."

Yes, GWB appeared at this meedting right out of the blue; it an unscheduled visit. And what he said to these Jewish leaders was a repeat of his 2008 speech to the Israeli Knesset regarding Iranian nuclear weapons goals.

"Permitting the world’s leading sponsor of terror to possess the world’s deadliest weapon would be an unforgivable betrayal of future generations. For the sake of peace, the world must not allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon."

Sounds like GWB gave Bibi a green light on the same evening that Bibi was speaking to the same Israeli Knesset about the same subject, as related in the main post EXSUM.

Sean Osborne said...

No worries GG5. I use Firefox also and have no issues with them. 500 visits per day is average. A few Israel and Bride of Christ haters try but fail to cause trouble.

All is good.

mark3210 said...

Well I agree, I think the red line was crossed at least 3.5 months ago if not well before that but Netanyahu still hasn't stated that publicly.

At the UN this month he said "Last year when I spoke here at the UN I drew a red line. Now, Iran has been very careful not to cross that line but Iran is positioning itself to race across that line in the future at a time of its choosing."

So I suppose we probably will hear Israel declare the line was crossed after military activity is already under way.

Netanyahu also signaled he's going to meet with Kerry again next week - implying he's still going to wait for the November Geneva talks - but who knows if that's really the Israeli position or merely a head fake to keep Iran guessing.

Sean Osborne said...

"I think the red line was crossed at least 3.5 months ago if not well before that but Netanyahu still hasn't stated that publicly."

He doesn't have to. The public record is the public record.

The red line for Israel was set by Netanyahu on 27 September 2012. There has never been prior to this or since any other red line set by Israel regarding Iranian nukes.

And there will be no official notification of when the red line was crossed as that would compromise Israel's intelligence collection apparatus inside Iran.

What I know for sure is that the "when it hits the fan" meter is pegged and glowing white hot at the present time. I also know the Bill Gertz today (WashTimes-Inside the Ring) reported the exact same thing I privately sent a heads-up to a handful of folks at 11:30 A< EDT today - and that heads up is as follows:

"I was just informed that at 0'dark thirty Israel Daylight Time, Tuesday. 15 October, the majority of the Israeli Air Force's F-15I/F-16I aircraft were launched in a full dress rehearsal for a strike on Iran by flying reciprocal course headings out into the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Simultaneous with this the remainder of the IAFs fighter aircraft were flying a simulated strike/air defense mission against Lebanese and Syrian targets. All of Israel's refueling tankers participated in the dress rehearsal and all long-range strike aircraft were refueled in mid-air on the homeward leg of the exercise. All U.S. intelligence assets are now on priority tasking to detect what is assessed as an imminent Israel strike against Iranian targets."

That's all I need to know to tell me that why the fan meter is pegged and white hot right now and why my Israeli contact was beating my door down on Monday evening.

Sparrow said...

I wish the media would keep us updated on the Middle East. They just dropped Syria like a hot potato, and except for alternative media,I would not know anything about this. Is Obama hoping the budget crisis will distract all of us? The boiling pot of the Middle East never stops, but you would think everything is just fine according to MSM.

mark3210 said...

Saudi Arabia declined to speak at the UN general assembly last month and now followed it up by winning a seat on the Security Council and declining that as well.

That's yet another sign of how crazy things are getting now!

Sean Osborne said...

Saudi's not happy with the lack of Western action against Syria and Iran/Hezbollah.

I have no doubt they will covertly green-light and then look the other way for Israel's use of their air space to attack Iran.

mark3210 said...


Netanyahu was on NBC this morning.

I keep wondering which of his public appearances will be the last one before the shooting starts.

I assume your latest update about 7 nukes in 8 weeks is from your own sources - not OSINT?

Sean Osborne said...


"The key intelligence item that has emerged from the recently adjourned P5+1 nuclear negotiations in Geneva... comes directly from an a top-tier Israeli source.

mark3210 said...

How confident can Israel be that Iran hasn't already completed the building of any nukes in secret?

And I mean in addition to whatever they obtained from Kazakhstan?

I know Netanyahu himself said Iran was 3 to 5 years from a nuke in 1992.

Even though there's been repeated attempts at sabotage I still find it hard to believe that Iran would stop just short of completing a nuke for such a long time.

Sean Osborne said...


Apparently Israel has long had intelligence operatives within the Iranian nuclear program. So, Israel knows the status of Iran's indigenous weapons program very well.

A non-indigenous warhead would point a finger to the source of the fissile core through nuclear forensics. Iran would never be so stupid as to use a weapon with a fissile core made in Russia.

At the present time the window for launching a strike has defied everyone's expectations. It's almost to the point of being too late.

What we do know for sure, however, is what the LORD's WORD says about this issue, and He does not say even one word about Israel being nuked, yet says volumes about the judgment by fire and brimstone and sulfur of other nations.

This is all I really need to know about what Israel is planning to do.

Scipio said...

Well Sean, as many on the blog have said, and I concur - that the Lord is delaying. I think it's a definite form of grace, wanting everyone who wants salvation, to accept it. However, the idea of 'a thief in the night' is apt. It seems we're coasting...'safe neighborhood, business as usual, football season, etc, etc. Then BAM! War in the Middle East, US economy officially in the tank, etc, etc.
Again, thanks for conveying the real news Sean.

Lujack Skylark said...

Israel just bombed a shipment of advanced weapons from Syria being sent to Hezbollah I heard on the news.

Iranian commanders are leading Assad's troops into battle and Iranian commanders could turn Syrian rockets against Israel thus when Israel attacks Iran's nuclear sites Damascus will likely be destroyed shortly afterwards. Damascus is not an Iranian city so Iran won't care if Damascus is destroyed.

Sean everything you have reported is coming into focus. Thank-you for your reports!

Sean Osborne said...

Gentlemen (and Ladies!),

Events are certainly occurring which have the effect of making it look like when the proverbial levee breaks the resultant flood will be of definitively Biblical proportions.


In Rome Netanyahu is quoted as saying, "Iran must not have have centrifuges (for) enrichment, they shouldn't have a plutonium heavy-water plant which is used only for nuclear weapons, they should get rid of (all) fissile material, and they shouldn't have underground nuclear facilities (because) underground (nuclear facilities are) for one reason - for military purposes."

In this sentence one can see the Tier 1 targets in the Israeli OOB (Order Of Battle) for the Iran strike:

1. Natanz and Qom enrichment facilities
2. The Arak plutonium reactor
3. Fissile uranium storage sites


The Kuwaiti al-Jareeda paper reported on the IAF airstrike on Syrian missiles (My guess is that they were M-600s) that were enroute to Hezbollah in Lebanon. The IAF strike occurred Monday - targets destroyed - delivery cancelled. Confirmed by a Israeli government source in Jerusalem. This strike brings the total number of similar strikes this year to 6.

mark3210 said...

Netanyahu also said "I think we're very close to getting that and I agree with you that the goal is to get it peacefully" at the 7 minute mark of the video:

While of course we'd all like to see a peaceful resolution, there's only one realistic way that we could be "very close" to what Israel is demanding.

Sean Osborne said...

This is a very useful YouTube video link for all to watch of the for public consumption political theater that is ongoing between the leftist Obama Administration and Bibi Netanyahu's Israeli government, so I have added the required HTML tagging to make it an active URL for everyone.

This video is instructive as it is a record of the ONLY words exchanged between the U.S. SECSTATE and the Israeli Prime Minister regarding the Iranian nuclear weapons issue at this meeting. There were no further discussions on Iran afterwards. Additional talks were held in regard to the Palestinian question, but none with respect to Iran, or Syria for that matter.

So, with this in mind, watch the body language and facial expressions of Bibi Netanyahu very closely as they reveal so must distrust and misgiving of the US that it is clearly manifested on the Prime Minister's countenance as he is speaking on the subject.

This also seems to guarantee that Israel will hold off yet again until after the resumption of the P5+1 and Iran talks in about two weeks time. Israel appears willing to wait to see what Iran will bring with them and the P5+1 reaction to it.

The US is currently walking on eggshells in the Middle East with ALL of our erstwhile allies - Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt - who are on the precipice of telling the US to continue fooling itself without them. The US Obama Administration had better show substantive and kinetic leadership by the second week of November or it will have lost all credibility with these essential allies on all of the important issues of the day: Iran, Syria and the prospect of regional war.

mark3210 said...

Good catch on Netanyahu's body language!

Just comparing his last 2 youtube videos - one with US SECSTATE and the other with the Italian PM - I sense major differences between the two.

Felt to me like he was much more comfortable and engaged while speaking next to the Italian PM - whereas with the US SECSTATE it seemed like he was quieter and looking down more and didn't want to be there at all.

Sean Osborne said...

It was obvious to me that Bibi was reiterating, for-the-record, Israel's minimum security requirements when it comes to the Iranian nuclear weapons program, a program that Israel cannot tolerate the existence of for much longer.

Anything short of the stated minimum through the next session of the P5+1 and Bibi will give the order to kill that program.

mark3210 said...

Why do you think Israel is releasing a second group of terrorists right now?

Do you think the timing of this is in any related to Iran?

Sean Osborne said...


Because Israel's government voted yesterday to release the terrorists tomorrow in order to meet a commitment it made in good faith with the Palestinian Authority this past summer.

It is also a prerequisite action taken to get the PA back to the negotiating table.

This has nothing to do with Iran.

mark3210 said...

Another video of Netanyahu warning Iran is online today. He sounds more pessimistic than he was with Kerry - warning that Iran is just playing for time.

Sean Osborne said...

Of course, Bibi is exactly correct: Iran has been playing the P5+1 and the the majority of the IAEA for fools in their quest for indigenous nuclear weapons capability.

Hence, the title of this SITREP: "Israel's Final Warning."

Then one's senses are assaulted once again by the technical aspects of the ISIS analysis. Not by Christmas, not even by Thanksgiving, but just two weeks from now Iran will have enough weapons grade uranium (WGU) to construct its first nuclear weapon.

And this is according to former IAEA deputy director Olli Heinonen who confirmed and even advanced the ISIS analysis by an additional two weeks.

(See: Israel National News: ‘Iran two weeks away from weapons-grade uranium' by Raphael Ahren, published today, 28 OCT 13.)

And most of the world is completely oblivious to how close it is the the world's first, full-scale, Weapons of Mass Destruction war. Completely oblivious. "And then the flood came and took them all away..."

How utterly prophetic.

mark3210 said...

Well, 9/11 served as a wake up call for a lot of people, but I agree most of the world is going to be in for another rude awakening.

Sometimes I wonder what it was like in the run up to the World Wars. In many ways we may be reliving history here........

Sean Osborne said...

Yup, history repeating as a type of forerunner, that's the crux of Global SITREP B1-13 of 29 SEP 13.

Sean Osborne said...

Here's the heads-up and assessment I sent out to several key folks for wider dissemination.

"29OCT13: I have been studying/tracking these announcements very, very closely of late.

First, on or about 20 October, it was Iran would have its first batch of Weapons Grade Uranium (WGU) by Christmas, then just days later that was revised to by Thanksgiving, and now from former IAEA DEPDIR Olli Heinonen the window closes further to just a fortnight.

Concurrent with this there have been a series of very explicit "final warnings" from Israel that commenced with Bibi Netanyahu speaking at the UN on Tuesday 2 October. The next even more explicit "final warning" from Bibi came on the 40th anniversary of the 1973 Yom Kippur War in mid-October, and that warning addressed the costs of war vis a vis the preemptive strike of June '67 versus the nearly catastrophic inaction of October '73. Preemptive war won this comparison hands-down, that is Israel's policy when it comes to Iranian nukes. Then yesterday, 28 October, Danny Danon, Israel's Deputy Minister of Defense, speaking concurrently with Heinonen's more dire assessment, let is all out in very unambiguous terms regarding all of the previous Israeli warnings over this past month:

"We have made it crystal clear, in all possible forums, that Israel will not stand by and watch Iran develop weaponry that will put us, the entire Middle East and eventually the world, under an Iranian umbrella of terror."

Israel will go to Iran, and they will go very soon. I assess they may go this weekend.

Moon-wise the optimum conditions for low light-low observability are from tonight, 29 October through Thursday, 7 November.

Weather-wise this Thurs/Fri will have early AM cloud cover; this weekend (SAT & SUN) will be overcast with light precipitation, Monday early AM is to be overcast, Tuesday clear, Weds-Thursday more clouds than sun during daylight hours.

Out of all days in the "window" between 29 October and 7 November, I think overnight Saturday-Sunday, 2-3 November is the best (overcast w/ light precipitation and no moon).

Most interesting is that Sunday, 3 November a solar eclipse will occur that will be visible from Eastern US (near total at sunrise) to Western Iran (partial just prior to sunset).