Sunday, January 1, 2017

Breaking News Alert 01-17

🔺 1 January 2017: As a good portion of the world greets the new year with what is perhaps a sense of hope in the midst of several international crises, the Eschatology Today blog understands that outgoing U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama is doing his utmost the set the world on fire.  

He officially leaves office in 19 days having deliberately stoked a global fire against Israel and its sovereign people's ability to live where they want to live in their country. He has also stoked a diplomatic fire in the relations between the United States and the Russian Federation based upon an unproven and politically expedient charge of its government's meddling in our recent election.

Remember -- it was U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama who deliberately, directly and excessively interfered in the last major election in the sovereign State of Israel for political purposes.

Obama's scorched earth policy against incoming President Donald J. Trump belies the notion that he will gracefully return to civilian life and instead fully intends to lead an underground insurgency against the new American administration. Expect more unAmerican assaults from this outgoing regime. 


hartdawg said...

Did I say this already? If I did, I apologise, but I'm going to say it here, obama is pure evil. He's not evil in the sense that any unbeliever is, he's evil in the sense that Haman, Pharoah, Herod Hitler and Stalin was evil. I'm not exaggerating with my statement am I?
Also, I'm having a very hard time with my anger over all this. I'm really struggling. I am so extremely angry and vexed over this, my blood is boiling. I wish the worst kind of harm on that piece of trash that occupies the white house. Can you relate? Should I shut the news off?

Sean Osborne said...


I understand completely what you're feeling; I would describe it as the same kind of righteous indignation I'm dealing with everyday, but also especially of late. It is through Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit that I am able to compose myself enough to post these updates.

And truthfully there is so much more to what i post here that it requires my posting just the most important points, otherwise this blog would be a near 24/7 activity.

For example, the recent UNSC Resolution 2334 is much, much more than most folks realize. It is far more than just a "dividing of the land of Israel." It is in effect is far more sinister and existential in threat to world order as we have known it for the past 2,000 years. UNSC Resolution 2334 has effectually codified into International Law a plethora of Quranic dictates, also known as Sharia Law.

Consider a modified version of the first paragraph of unanimously passed UNSC Resolution 2334 rephrased for application to the United States of America:

"Reaffirms that the establishment by the United States of America of settlements in the indigenous native Indian territories occupied west of the Mississippi River since 1803, including New Orleans and St. Louis, has no legal validity and constitutes a flagrant violation under international law."

The UNSC in effect can create at a whim of its own choosing international law which is utterly devoid of the usual legal principles of precedent or judicial authority or the consent of the of the peoples affected.

UNSC 2334 essentially erases about 3,000 years of Jewish history.

This proves that the new "international laws" of the emergent, elite Global Oligarchy of the UNSC are anything anyone in the UNSC says they are... and that makes their international laws utterly meaningless to those few of us in the world who have regard for the Laws of our Creator God.

In Biblical prophetic terms, UNSC 2334 CODIFIES GLOBAL LAWLESSNESS.

I'm sure ministers and preachers all over the world will be announcing this new reality from their pulpits during this morning's services.

Rhonda said...

Happy New Year everyone:) I think we all better buckle up, we're in for a bumpy ride! I agree with you that zero is just as sinister, evil, doing satan's bidding as the other evil men you listed! Take comfort in knowing that God will deal with zero just like He did with the evil before our time. The new information you gave to 2334 is quite unnerving. Is this the NWO's way of making their 10 regions in the final beast system? What should we expect from the anything-but-peace conference in Paris on January 15th? What I don't understand is the power the UNSC has to make and enforce international law. We all know the NWO elites were taken off their game when Donald Trump won the election. They thought they had more time! Now they are feverishly working toward their end, the final beast system, right? You know what they say about a wounded animal. Do I have this partially right at least?

Sean Osborne said...


The UNSC has this power when one or more of the five permanent members abstain from casting their veto against a resolution.

This has occurred in recent history, such as with Iraq under Saddam and the "all force necessary" resolution which made legal Operation Iraqi Freedom.

UNSC 2334 would be a non-issue had Obama/Kerry instructed our UN Ambassador to veto it.

LD said...


I felt that Ps 2 sums this all up very beautifully. Obama and the arrogant UN nations who participated, no doubt bent on destruction of all things that do not flow within their evil agenda, are the recipients of this Word...

"Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth take counsel together against the Lord and against His anointed, saying let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us. He who sits in the heavens shall laugh, The Lord shall hold them in derision. THEN HE SHALL SPEAK TO THEM IN HIS WRATH, AND DISTRESS THEM IN HIS DEEP DISPLEASURE. Ps 2:1-5.

I would not want to be Barack Obama, John Kerry of Jimmy Carter after the stunt against Israel. This will not be rewarded...nor will it go unpunished. God has this He laughs...and then he open up His wrath against his enemies. O/K/C are cursed by God Himself...and that is not a place any human willingly would want to be if they knew the consequences.

May God fully expose the attacks of the enemy...may He who sits on the Throne who sees all and knows all direct His wrath not at America, or the nations that are part of this, but at the very ones who decided, directed and and participated in taking counsel together against God. May God judge Barack Obama to the level he fully deserves for his apostasy and hatred of Him, and His people.


Sean Osborne said...


Indeed, Psalm 2 evokes the judgment the Lord will pour out on the whole world during the final 42 months of the Megas Thlipsis.