Monday, January 30, 2017

Breaking News Alert 03-17

Fatah al-Sham and Islamic State jihadists not part of the current Syrian ceasefire
🔺 30 January 2017:  This weekend the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a group monitoring the war in Syria, reported that Fatah al-Sham (Al Qaeda) has merged into a common jihadist army with four other jihadist factions. These jihadists groups are now referring to themselves as the Levant Liberation Body (LLB). The LLB are of the Sunni Wahhabi ideology and Islamic State are of the Sunni Salafi ideology; both were excluded from the recent peace negotiations brokered by Russia and Turkey in Astana, Kazakhstan.

The LLB have recently cut off the majority of the Wadi Barada river valley water supply to the city of Damascus and its estimated 5.5 million inhabitants. One of the primary sources here is the Ein al-Fijeh natural spring and pumping station which was cut due to damage caused by fighting despite the alleged ceasefire. As if the situation in western Syria and Damascus was not bad enough, an acute water shortage will only create a more desperate situation for the Al-Assad government and rebel jihadists alike.

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