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Global SITREP A4-17: A Look Ahead

Looking Ahead Across the Sea - Clouds on the Horizon

28 January 2017: The election and inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the President of the United States of America appears to have thrown, pardon the pun, a gold-plated monkey wrench into the the whole gamut of many esteemed eschatological narrators or interpretations going back several decades of recent memory. 

The most glaring of these appears to be the eschatological narrative which held that because United States of America is not specifically mentioned in any of the texts of Bible prophecy that its future would not be one of a globally dominant political, economic and military superpower; that its reduction would be to a level of near-certain irrelevance on the world stage. Perhaps these were man-made narrative interpretations instead of the binding inspired word of the Holy Spirit in interpreting Bible prophecy? 

I tend to believe so and here's why. The Word of God is a literal, living thing; the ancient texts are alive; always have been alive and always will be alive through the power of the Holy Spirit. As we all know, the Lord's words will never pass away, and therefore they live in powerful resonance today as surely as the moment He spoke them. I don't know about anyone else, but when I read the Bible I hear the voice of God speaking. I pray you do as well.

To continue, there is the fact that the Eschatology Today blog has expressed a strongly dissenting view with this particular "America is done" narrative from the get-go as all conscientious readers here are very well aware, even in full consideration of the effect that the Harpazo of the bride of Christ will have upon the United States and the world-at-large. 

Pre-Harpazo, I have always believed that the United States of America is one of the young lions (one of many former colonies) of the western European "Tarshish" sea-faring mercantile nations mentioned in Ezekiel 38:13. This is as close to a Biblical mention of this nation as I have found within the Word of God. And it is no accident that western Europe and its former colonies are closely tied to Sheba and Dedan in this verse. This has been a fact since the overthrow of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I in 1918 and the establishment of the "Tarshish" mandate territories in the Middle East immediately thereafter. It was these same nations of 'Tarshish' which were also critical in bringing about the re-birth of the State of Israel just 40 years from the end of World War I in 1918.

Post-Harpazo, I believe the United States of America, based upon the obvious rationale, will have a very large role in global affairs within the last days fourth beast empire. I believe America is one of the toes or the right foot of iron and clay per Daniel 2; one of the 10 and then 7 horns on the head of the western beast per Daniel 7. 

As I read the angel Gabriel's thunderous prophetic instruction to Daniel (Daniel 8:15-23) there exists no disconnection whatsoever between verse 22 and 23, between the ancient Greek Empire, and its subsequent heir in the Roman Empire, and in the continuation of western dominance to the present day which Gabriel describes as "the latter time of the indignation." From the Lord's timeless perspective, those ancient kingdoms continue into our own. Ancient ruins in Greece and Italy do abound, but their modern versions were seen on globally broadcast living color television this past week coming from Washington, D.C. If Alexander, Antiochus IV Epiphanes or Caesar were alive today, they'd feel right at home among all those white marble columns. So too, I believe, will their soon-to-arrive heir.

At the present, a look ahead reveals there are a couple items to be aware of. One item is that the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States is back. A "Tarshish" nation and the largest of its "young lions" together again. The United States hopes to assist in making Britain Great again. This is evident in the fact that Winston Churchill's bust is back in the Oval Office where it belongs thanks to President Trump, who is of Scottish ancestry and was seen holding hands with PM Theresa May at the White House yesterday. Additionally, at the conclusion of the Paris conference of the week prior, the United Kingdom's representative refused to sign the final communique which spelled out the meeting's blatantly anti-Israel findings. This is a significant departure, and a possibly strong indicator that Great Britain may be finally shaking off the Islamic-inspired rhetoric and influences of previous years. 

Another item to watch develop is what is being said by many of the worlds monetary experts who closely follow and forecast the potential effects of the populist revolts going on across the EU. There are elections coming in France (FREXIT) and Germany (GEREXIT) which could have a significant potential to radically alter the near-term viability of the European Union. Italy has already seen the result of a populist vote bringing down their charismatic pro-EU Prime Minister Matteo Renzi just six weeks ago. In Great Britain, the populist BREXIT vote will be challenged, after just five days of discussion, by a Parliament vote on invoking Article 50 for British withdrawal from the EU. These experts are strongly suggesting that the Euro currency could collapse within the next 18 months as a result of the changes expected in the ruling parties through the votes of the general populace. 

The new Trump Administration is just a week old and already has become a change-agent like the United States has not seen in a great many decades. It is no exaggeration to note the President Trump has done more in a week to rebuild America than President Obama did in eight years trying to tear us down to a third world status. A look ahead shows great changes coming, and if the current trend is any example, these changes will occur on a very compressed time scale. One might say the days are being shortened. So much to do, so little time left.



WorkOfGrace said...

Excellent!! And, I believe, spot on!

Sean Osborne said...


As He leads!

I was just informed by Terry James of his desire to post this SITREP to the Rapture Ready website which has millions of readers.

WorkOfGrace said...

As it should be. I think this is a very important perspective to see for those of us who are carefully watching and waiting. I think the evil one, who attempts to steal our joy and hope, would love to talk us into believing things are not moving forward as God said they would. God's blessing us does not stop the momentum of His divine plan unfolding. And yes....the days seem to getting shorter and shorter!

hartdawg said...

Sean, a note on what you said about a compressed time scale. I can think of a few things that would normally take time, but a compressed time scale would explain some things.
1) the rebuilding of the temple. Permits, red tape, supplies and even the time it would take to build it..... I'm not sure if the bride will witness it or not, but that's just one thing that comes to mind when I consider the lateness of the hour
2) the time for rebuilding between Psalm 83 and Ezekiel 38&39. Normally would take years, but a compressed time scale....
3) the official coming together of the 10 nations.....
These are just 3 things that immediately came to mind when you mentioned a compressed time scale. Perhaps there are more. Aren't these fascinating days we live in?

Randall B said...

Excellent insights Sean!

Sean Osborne said...

Marla Haight wrote:

"Sir, I always thought why wasn't the greatest Nation on earth besides Israel herself not mentioned in Bible prophecy! You have to be right... It only makes sense, this nation is the young lion. America is mentioned. Great article
Thank you

My response:


And thank you. The only point, which I did not include, is that none of the toes or either of the feet are specifically identified with nations. Instead they are noted as being the former empires of Greece (Alexander's) which broke up into Four lesser kingdoms, where were thereafter overtaken by the Roman Republic and which became the Roman Empire. This is where the continuity of verse 22 and 23 of Daniel 8 are critical in understanding the angel Gabriel's interpretation to Daniel of this prophecy. There is a direct prophetic link between Daniel chapters 2, 7 and 8... and all the way through to 12

Note, that both Alexander's Greek and the Roman Empire are seen in Daniel 2 as standing on two legs. Each leg has two feet with five toes each. The toes represent key nations, half in Europe, and half in the Middle East. So shall this configuration be during the 70th Week.

mark3210 said...

It is incredible to witness the left's hysterical meltdowns over Trump's first executive orders.

Schumer is already crying in front of the cameras and we are only 10 days in!

TP said...

Sean this cleared up a lot for me. Thank you.

To revisit a previous sitrep when I asked you how NATO can be interpreted as Tarshish, I include the quote from this sitrep: "One item is that the special relationship between the United Kingdom and the United States is back. A "Tarshish" nation and the largest of its "young lions" together again." The rest of your paragraph follows how special this relationship is. I like many others had always seen America with England and Spain as Tarshish and I was starting to wonder with Trump as President how the prophetic dominoes would line up to fall as I witnessed May and Trump starting to buddy it up in the news following May having Britain go against the Paris accords congruent with Trump from the very beginning promising to move the embassy to Jerusalem. It seems to me that it is now really coming together with BREXIT and America looking to leave UN or at very least drastically defund her. I think our two governments are going to be finally set up to "protest" the invasion of Israel just as Ezekiel prophecies...

Sean Osborne said...


It's very, very rewarding to see folks understanding of prophecy increase.

Just one note for clarity sake... I am prone to believe that the Sheba, Dedan, Tarshish and young lions response to the appearance of the Magog Confederation moving against Israel is one of incredulity and disbelief rather than one of shock and dismay.

I base this on the fact that in this day and age of all manner of sensors, communications intercepts, and the full-spectrum of overhead reconnaissance capabilities (IR, ELINT, SIGINT, PHOTINT, COMINT, etc. etc. etc) that are intrinsic to NATO, as well as to Israel itself (Ofek series spy satellites, etc), the attempt to conquer Israel simply has no chance of coming as a surprise to anyone; they will see it coming by the application of one technology or another or all of them.

So, the response to the appearance of the Magog alliance maneuvering forward is one of utter incredulity in my view.

Something else of note I want to pass on to all readers here.

Since this SITREP A4-17: A Look Ahead was also published by Rapture Ready on their website under a different title (not of my choosing), I have received quite a few responses via email. What I immediately noticed from these emails is that NONE of them had the same or a consistent understanding of coming prophetic events, wars mostly. None of them; they were as varied as there are letters in the alphabet.

I find this to be distressing since there is only one Holy Spirit which provides understanding of the Lord's prophetic word. That means there are a great many prophecy teachers who are teaching a dichotomy of different interpretations regarding prophecy. There are, apparently, also a lot of preconceived notions about what will happen, when it will happen, and even where it will happen on this last days timeline.

However, the good news is that all of these variances have been addressed in posts and SITREPs on Eschatology Today over the past nine and now going on ten years.


jmoll106 said...
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hartdawg said...

Sean, one other aspect that didn't get mentioned in your comment was the Psalm 83 factor. Most of the rapture ready readers believe the Gog/Magog is imminent, just like the rapture, but fail to take into account Psalm 83

Sean Osborne said...


From what I have seen thus far, you are absolutely correct about this.

Vian81 said...

Hello Sean,
I always read a lot of articles from rapture ready (I am glad you also feature there).
But as regards to USA, many people think it will play a role in the Antichrist era as a power but I beg to defer.

USA as we know it will disappear on the day of the rapture. I believe 60% -70% of its population may be raptured, making it had for the remaining 30% to re-organize themselves. Yet on the other hand most European nations (mostly atheists), middle east and China will not suffer this magnitude of loss, so they will quickly mobilize themselves against God.
That is why the rapture is also called "sudden destruction".

USA's existence is 100% tied to the Christian existence = the 2000 years (it is a missionary state) its mission is to bring in the harvest. It was founded by Christians and it will cease to be, as we know it (a Mighty Super Power), after the rapture.

All the military and economic might of USA will cease due to the number of Christian military and economic personnel who will be raptured with all the secrets (nuclear codes, technology architecture, etc), hence making the hardware unusable especially against Israel.

That is why Trump miraculously won, the globalist wanted to dilute its Christian roots and infiltrate the Government with non-Christians so that when rapture happens, they do not suffer loss, but the ALMIGHTY GOD has utterly destroyed their schemes and He is going to be on it for a long time.

There is going to be a great worldwide Christian revival through the world, as the last of the grace harvest comes in. This will occur in the 8 years of Trump. There is no denying the fact that with the election of TRUMP, Jesus Christ has taken the reigns so as to bring in the last harvest

In Summary;
USA (as we know it) Started mightily in Christ and will end mightily in Christ.
After which, the rebellion and reign of the antichrist will begin (without USA).

God bless
Vianney Kweyamba

Sean Osborne said...


Greetings to you our brother in Kampala, Uganda. To my knowledge you are the first from Central Africa to comment here. Welcome in Christ Jesus!

I would say there are a very great many American's who do hope in the deepest recess of their heart that you are right, that America would escape the clutches of the Antichrist. I count myself as being among those who would want this to become a fact or matter.

However, as I read the word of God, in particular the Book of Daniel, chapter 11 verses 40-45, and The Revelation of Jesus Christ, I see that all nations will come under his control before a final rebellion against him and his rule occurs, almost certainly after the Abomination of Desolation. Daniel 11:41 (1599 Geneva Bible) tells us " but these shall escape out of his hand, even Edom and Moab, and the chief of the children of Ammon." Many believe this is where the remnant of Israel will be hidden from him by the Lord, to populate Israel during the Millennium Kingdom.

As for the number of Christians in the United States, I again would hope that you are correct.

However, in a country of 325 million population at present, and your call for a good portion of two-thirds being bride of Christ believers to be removed by the Harpazo (204 million) - I can only wish there were 195 million bride of Christ in this country. The restraint over evil in America would be overwhelming I think, and the strife of the past year - at a minimum - might not have occurred at all. I would have thought many more of those 195 million bride of Christ believers would have made their presence felt more than the mere 60-some odd million who actually went to the polls in revolt against Obama and Clinton and their globalist vision.

Still, even if your view was correct, the remainder population in the USA post-Harpazo would be 130 million people. That number would still keep the USA in the top ten of the world's most populous nations, and quite capable of field a military force the same size and larger than we have right now. All of this speculation is absent a consideration of even a limited nuclear exchange occurring within the next 10 years or less.

When it comes to accurate data on the US military THIS WEBPAGE if all but peerless. Neither the nuclear codes nor the economic engine will disappear in the Harpazo; all tangible things will remain. And if you're correct, as I believe you are, that 8 years of Trump has rebuilt American infrastructure to "great" status once again, all of that will also be left behind. I cannot image the Antichrist foregoing or ignoring that kind of power for the taking.

Also, and before I forget to mention this, the "sudden destruction" will occur in the second 42 months of the 70th Week, it is the result of supposed "peace and safety" that was the hallmark of the first 42 months of the 70th Week. I believe it is post-Abomination of Desolation war going world wide and thermonuclear.

mark3210 said...

Good points, Sean.

Estimates show that the voting age population in the US for this election was 251.1 million, and 63 million votes were tallied for Donald Trump.

Therefore, only about 25.1% of Americans of voting age actually cast their ballots for Trump. That is barely 1 of every 4 people!

Sean Osborne said...


The mention of "8 years of Trump" was purely hypothetical.

Sean Osborne said...

Iran tested a nuclear-capable IRBM in direct violation of UNSC R-2231.

Trump promptly put the Ayatollah on "official notice."

Iran's response was to immediately test launch their reverse engineered version of a Russian Kh-55 'Granat' nuclear capable (200kT warhead) cruise missile known as the "Soumar."

Standing by for the other shoe to drop on this one.

Vian81 said...

Thanks for that great insight.

Sean Osborne said...

There a lot more here, volumes and volumes ... keeping reading and sharing brother!

Lance M said...

Hello fuse....let me introduce you to my good friend match.

jmoll106 said...

After so many years of placating the bellicose Iranian regime, I was truly impressed with Pres. Trumps response and have been waiting for what actions will be taken.

jmoll106 said...

I would imagine Israel might finally get the go ahead from the U.S. or at least not be pressured to do nothing against this threat.

Sean Osborne said...

It has become imperative for a major preemptive strike on Iran.

Just one Soumar cruise missile with a 200kT warhead in a container on board a non-descript Iranian freighter in the Atlantic Ocean enroute to Venezuela or Cuba could wipeout an eastern U.S. city from 1,800 miles away.

hartdawg said...

This is almost worthy of its own SITREP

jmoll106 said...

I can only hope we will here from President Trump the words Ronald Reagan spoke after we bombed Libya "Today we did what we had to do. They counted on America to be passive. They counted wrong."

Great Grany 5 said...


So much going on and the pace is difficult to keep up with which reminds me of a very small passage in Jeremiah that simply states 'if you have difficulty keeping up with the foot soldiers, how will you ever be able to survive the horsemen'! I feel like that right now but I will, by Jove!

I passionately believe that Psalm 83 will continue until each of the neighbors are taken out of the picture progressively, over time! More like the end results of Edom from history now. Th e important fact is easier if we will only remember, God has HIS time line and is always right on time!


Sean Osborne said...


That is the perfect analogy for this moment in time. There is SO MUCH going on that I literally do not have the time to post all of the hot items on my plate right now.

I'll try to get another SITREP posted in a day or so that is a high-priority eschatological issue IMHO... Lord willin' and th' creek don't rise!