Monday, February 20, 2017

Breaking News Alert 05-17

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20 February 2017: U.S. Fifth Fleet commander Vice Admiral Kevin Donegan confirmed on Saturday the intelligence assessment that the 30 January 2016 attack on the Royal Saudi Navy frigate Al-Madinah was not a manned suicide watercraft attack, a la the USS Cole, but a new drone watercraft operated remotely from another nearby manned watercraft. The image above was taken from the Al-Madinah as the attacking drone approached its port side astern. Details linked from IHS Janes 360 and Defense News.

It is the Eschatology Today assessment that this newly identified drone watercraft was designed, manufactured and  is operated by the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Navy deployed to Yemen. The attack drone appears to be a white-colored, high-speed catamaran design. There is nothing which links this drone watercraft to the Houthi rebels of Yemen, except that they are a Shi'a  jihadist proxy force supported by Tehran. Therefore to identify this weapon system as 'Houthi' is in error. It is an Iranian weapon system.


Great Grany 5 said...


Now the proof of ratcheting up of the soon to come Jeremiah 49 but first things first and like you said in your Hint, hint comment on previous posting, Iran is not mentioned in the Ps. 83 (when we know they are part and parcel as the ones demanding Israel be stricken from the map and remembered no more,) scene.

But truthfully, it is happening so fast and I am having a difficult time just walking in a normal atmosphere. Keep remembering the Jeremiah passage that tells me that if I am having trouble keeping up with the foot soldiers how in the world will be able to handle the horsemen! Might it be we will be in Heaven and I will have my own white horseman to cheer on.

Shalom and stay safe,

jmoll106 said...

Hey Sean, I read that Gen. Flynn is being replaced by Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster as National Security Adviser.
Is this a good choice?

Sean Osborne said...

In my opinion LTG H.R. McMaster is an outstanding selection as NATSEC Advisor.