Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Global SITREP A7-17: The Covenant of Democratic Nations

The angel Gabriel and Daniel - 70 Weeks Prophecy
UPDATED 8 February 2016: In John 5:43 Jesus was speaking truth to the Jews who sought to kill Him, when He informed them of an ultimate truth: "I have come in My Father’s name, and you do not receive Me; if another comes in his own name, him you will receive."  If I have referred to this verse once here, I have referred to it more than a dozen times as Jesus' prophesying to the Jews about their future acceptance of the Antichrist as an impostor of Himself. Here we have Jesus, born a Jew, speaking to the Jews who want to kill Him. He is making a direct comparison of His coming, standing before them in the flesh, with respect to the future coming of an impostor, also a Jew.  In the 70th Week a great many of the Jews in Israel will, for approximately the first 42 months, receive Antichrist believing him to be their expected Moshiach ben David.

The angel Gabriel also prophesied this to Daniel, which we read in Daniel 8:23-26. But Daniel did not understand this prophecy, it caused him to faint and he was sick for days, yet eventually going about his duties thereafter for Babylonian King Belshazzar. Within a year Belshazzar is overthrown and his kingdom overtaken by the Kingdom of the Medes and Persians, and it is in the first year of Darius, the son of Xerxes, that Daniel tells us he understood Jeremiah's prophecy about the 70 years of desolations of Jerusalem. And after fervent supplications and prayer to the LORD God Daniel again is visited by the angel Gabriel who has come to give him understanding of the previous vision. Gabriel goes beyond this and delivers the incredible 70 Week prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27.

In verse 27 Gabriel informs that the prince of the people who would destroy the city and in the sanctuary (fulfilled by Rome in 70 AD) would begin his short reign by confirming a covenant among many for one week of seven years. To circle back for one moment, this prince is the one Jesus said would come in his own name and be accepted by the a messiah, or Moshiach ben David, the impostor of Jesus Christ. So, what we get from all of this is that this impostor, this false Christ, this Antichrist, is a Jew who comes from the West.

In these last days, and given the vitriol that Israel suffers ad nauseum year after year from the Israel-hating United Nations, what would the chances be that Israel will accept a great leader from the U.N. as their Moshiach ben David and accept a seven-year covenant as confirmed by him?  I would think the chances of that happening are quite possibly two-fold: slim and none. 

If my thinking on this is correct, then this future "Roman" prince will have to come from among Israel's friends, allies actually, and to be accepted by Jews as being Moshiach ben David in the flesh he would have to be genetically a son of Judah. Interestingly enough, since the U.N. Security Council voted Resolution 2334 into existence as international law that denies Israel its sovereignty, a movement began within days of that now infamous vote to fix that which is clearly broken and unacceptable any longer as a democratic institution.

That movement, (hat tip to Gail H.) is being referred to as a "Covenant of Democratic Nations."  An article titled "Replacing the UN with the Covenant of Democratic Nations" was written by Edwin Black  was published the The Times of Israel on Monday 30 January.  And here is the Home Page for the new organization with everything anyone would want to know about it. It's worth keeping an eye on this developing from within the United States Congress, and considering President Trump's rhetoric about defunding the United Nations of American tax dollars. The published Declaration of Principles.pdf is well worth your attention also.

Update 10 February 2017: Adjacent to the above effort is another coming from within the Trump Administration itself, and which places the prominent role of "Special Envoy to the Middle East" squarely upon the shoulders of President Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Jared Kushner, as most folks know by now, is an Orthodox Jew. 

The effort Kushner now believes has high potential is one that Benjamin Netanyahu also has high hopes of seeing bear fruit, and involves "a regional framework", a regional covenant in other words, under US auspices that joins together Israel, and Sunni Arab nations such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia and perhaps Jordan, as leverage to bring the Palestinian Authority to the negotiation table - without preconditions - to resolve differences and seek the ever elusive final peace agreement. PM Netanyahu will meet with the Trump Administration next week and there is no doubt this effort will be moved forward. 

Today's issue of Israel National News (Arutz Sheva) has an article with a few more details: "Will Arab Nations be part of Trump's Solution for Peace?"  


jmoll106 said...

I'm all for defunding and kicking the U.N. out of the U.S.A., The declaration of principles proposed is worth looking at because once you start defining definitions, patriots, christians, and any other group that loves our constitution will probably not be welcome when the final document is written.

On a side note.. We almost made it through winter here in the Northeast without a big storm. Break out the snow equipment Sean.

jmoll106 said...

We know the Antichrist will confirm a covenant with many, whether this would be the beginning of that covenant is definitely worth watching. If anything, it shows we are in the season of nations including Israel striving for peace without the prince of peace. (Jesus).
I would imagine when Noah started seeing all manner of wildlife showing up,it put a little giddy up in his step, knowing the time was drawing near. What's happening in our world should cause the same for us.
It is also interesting that Saudi Arabia,Egypt and Jordon would be apart of such an agreement since they seem to be spared of the majority of God's wrath during the final week of Daniel. I think anyways. Always open for more understanding though. :)

Sean Osborne said...

This update must have hit a raw nerve... a young American who is an Orthodox Jew being heralded in major Israeli media (Jerusalem Post 16JAN17) as the one who will "broker Mideast peace"... because after distributing this far and wide what I'm hearing in response thus far are crickets.

jmoll106 said...

I thought I was left behind. :)
The effort of nations to work for peace are futile. The devil knows what God has spoken will be done and the devil will not cease until his goal to eliminate all jews is complete so Jesus cannot return and reign. We know differently, until then, there will be no true peace no matter how hard nations try. They are and will be decieved because the reject God's son.

Chuck B. said...

Sean, upon initial reading of your A7-17 SITREP on Wednesday, the first thing that came to mind was how the darkened glass we are peering intently into had just been notched up a measure in transparency.

Chuck B.

Sean Osborne said...


SITREP A7-17 was updated today with select edits precisely to make it more understandable to those who have not previously been given or received prophetic insight such as this.

It is meant for Bereans to seek out Truth of these things in Scripture, and for our future 70th Week brethren to see through the lie.

Thank you for speaking up.

jmoll106 said...

As I was thinking about the closeness of Daniel's 70th week, it hit me after reading your response to Miriam that we as the peacemakers are running out of time.

I was feeling a bit anxious about this but was reminded that although prophetic events are both glorious and grevious, facinating and frightening, Jesus told us to
"not let our hearts be troubled" and in PHIL 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God;
7and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

In Jesus first coming we have the assurance that all things written by the prophets concerning the Son of Man will be accomplished, Lu 18:31, and they were. God even used Ceasar to call for a census to get Joeseph and Mary to move to Bethlehem before the delivery date. You can bet the mothers weren't going to let Mary travel in her condition no matter what the men would say. But Ceaser on the other hand, caused them to move. Oh the wonders of God.!
All things are in His hand and we will all play a part in it. I for one favor to be like Simeon who was told by the Holy Spirit and then led by the Holy Spirit and saw God's salvation.Luke2

Sean Osborne said...

I'm making a change to the rules for posting comments. This change is very simple. In order to be published all comments must be consistent with the subject of the blog post.

Lance M said...


Is the focus of this sitrep, Kushner, or is it the realization that Moshiach Ben David will come from a Western ally?


Lance M said... question was more in reference to your comment on the 10th about hearing crickets after the post. There is so much happening so fast that I feel like I may have missed something significant. Is it the appmt of Kushner, the realization that moshiach Ben David will be a Jew, the democratic covenant of nations....or all of it taken together? Thx for clearing this one up for me,

Sean Osborne said...


The guideline rule is "consistent with the subject of the post." All of the comments which are here meet this guideline.

If it's discussed in the post, then it is consistent with the post. In this a key consistency is anything Gabriel revealed prophetically about Antichrist.

For example, Gabriel reveals much about the Antichrist in Daniel 8 through 12. One of those key reveals is found in the opening words of Daniel 11:37. " Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers." This phrase that Gabriel used unique; it is an identifier of Jewish origin.

Also included are previous posts on the particular topic going all the way back to the start of Eschatology Today in January 2009. It is a fact that much has been written here on this subject over the years.

Eschatology Today is not a debate club, nor will "thread hijack" or unrelated comments on subjects of deflection pass the moderation process. All of those type of comments which had been here were deleted last evening.

Eschatology Today will to adhere to its root purpose and why the Lord burdened me to start the blog to begin with... "Current world events seen through the clarifying lens of the LORD's inerrant prophetic word. The Lord's Word proclaims a series of 'latter days' events leading to the second coming of Jesus Christ and the establishment of His Kingdom upon this earth in this current generation."

jmoll106 said...

Sean, after reading again this last statement in The Covenant of Democratic Nations Home Page
"Some suggest that the body may even sunset its own existence after its reform work is done."
I wonder if they are thinking 7 years
Mmmm, we shall see.

Sean Osborne said...

All of it taken together. Chuck's comment (darkened glass-new measure of transparency) was spot on with respect to my crickets comment.

Either folks don't fully understand this subject or they may reject the notion of an apostate Jew being Antichrist.

Lance M said...

Are you saying that Kushner could be Moshiach Ben David, or are you saying this is how Moshiach Ben David could come on the scene? Regardless, it seems to me like we have entered a new phase of prophetic fulfillment....or understanding thereof.

Sean Osborne said...

This is about what Scripture says about antichrists arrival which begins the 70th Week; which is specifically his confirming a covenant among many for seven years.

Sean Osborne said...


That "sunset" clause caught my close attention also.

The Oslo/Oslo II accord were based on implementation over a certain period of time, 5 years in this case.

We're looking for something similar involving Israel with a 7-year implementation period.

Lance M said...

I have the hair on the back of my neck raised when I consider all of this...

Lance M said...

....and not in a fearful way, if that makes sense.

Sean Osborne said...

Makes perfect sense to me.

Prophetic situational awareness is the point we are concerned with here.

Daniel did not understand what he received in chapter 8, yet it still made him physically ill.

Hairs standing on end in a good way is awareness of how close we really are.