Monday, February 6, 2017

Global SITREP A6-17: The U.S. Warning Order to Iran

6 February 2017: (Updated 7 FEB)The SITREP is a follow-on to most of what has been posted here in recent days, and especially to SITREP C8-16: Iran Crossing the Rubicon, which is itself a now 8-year long compilation of everything written for Eschatology Today that is related to Iran and the literal fulfillment of Jeremiah 49:34-39. 

If you're paying attention to the news today you know the President Trump visited McDill AFB in Tampa, Florida. This base is the home of both USCENTCOM (United States Central Command) and USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) which are the primary warfighting commands involved in the global war against Islamic jihadism.  President Trump, C-JCS General Joseph Dunford and NATSEC Advisor Michael Flynn were briefed by the commanding generals and the staff of both commands. Trump also had lunch with our troops, and from what I hear they gave their new CInC an exceptionally robust greeting upon his arrival. 

It is also no accident that today's CENTCOM/SOCOM visit comes one week after the United States put the Islamic Republic of Iran "on notice" regarding its breach of the JCPOA nuclear accord by recent test launching of ballistic and cruise missiles. 

Perhaps more importantly for our due consideration is that word has leaked that a multinational military coalition to deal with Iran has all but closed ranks around the objective.  Led by the United States, this military coalition reportedly includes the UK, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar and... wait for it... Israel.  Very similar information as posted here was discussed during last night's Hannity program on FoxNews with special guest Lt.Col. (USMC Ret.) Oliver North. 

There are also unconfirmed reports of deployment warning orders being issued to one or more U.S. rapid reaction airborne and ground combat brigades. Updates as received. Warning orders usually precede operational execution orders. These developments will take several weeks to a few months to fully mature.


hartdawg said...

Perhaps under this administration, terms like "red lines" and "line in the sand" will once again mean something

Anonymous said...

Excellent Sean,

Firstly thank you for your detailed summation in the previous SITREP of your analysis of Russian involvement and duplicity in the evil transfer of nuclear warhead / missile technology to Iran, in order we must believe to undermine stability in the world for US/Western authority.....

Well the signs and events are increasing very rapidly now, that Iran will be given a long overdue miltary beating (miltary strike) soon. And as Israel had to learn from G-d from the earliest of days of the journey ofvthe promised land: "sometimes you will have to engage in war in order to inforce a true peace", so we in the west must learn this lesson again !.

No more Obama appeasement, the man G-d has called for this last time, week 69, before the final awesome week 70 of His timetable, is our man, President Donald Trump, supported by our man in Israel, Prime Minister Bibi. And their true allies, firstly of course us,all the truely he born again faithfull, and our support firstly and greatly in prayer for them and the difficult decisions and days ahead of their leadership.

Amen again !. Marantha friends.


(Near the ends of the earth)

Sean Osborne said...

What I'm eager to learn is how much of this will focus on destroying Islamic State.

89rscam said...


Are we hearing of the short life of Elam's bow?

Is this what is possibly developing?

Ken B

Sean Osborne said...

Well, to the point you raise, I titled this as a "warning order."

In the army what usually follows a warning order is an execution order.

Stand by...

Sean Osborne said...

Also - this is very likely to be a phased and two-fold operation.

It will remove Iranian forces and their proxies from Syria and Iraq, and also destroy IS at the same time. It will remove Iranian political hegemony from both countries as well.

Nora said...

I read it in the news that Lebanon has a new president who is pro-Hezbollah and vowed to take back "occupied" territories from Israel.

Sean Osborne said...

Michel Aoun, a Lebanese Maronite Christian, has been an ally of Hezbollah and Amal for more than 10 years. He became the president of Lebanon in October 2016. He is pro-Assad, pro-Iran and, of course, pro-Hezbollah.

The territory Aoun referred to back in October is what he claims is Lebanese. This is the 7 mile long by 2 mile wide Shebaa Farms area on the border with Israel. This land was part of Syria when Israel conquered it in June 1967.

Bruce Bridges said...

He needs to become a true born again believer! It's obvious that he's a "Christian in name only" if that's the side of the battle he stands on.

Sean Osborne said...

I agree completely. One cannot truly be a born again believer (John 3:1-21) if he (or she) sides with those who adhere to the satanic verses of Islam.

Aoun's decision to join with Hezbollah back in 2005 was based on purely earthly political considerations; he needed allies in Lebanon's ongoing civil strife. There is nothing "Christian" about the man.