Friday, October 2, 2015

Global SITREP D6-15 Part II: Russian Military Engaged in Syrian Combat Operations.

UPDATE 02 October 2015: In a very recent interview with PBS in New York City, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of Iraq offered an invitation to the Russian Federation to send its troops and aircraft to his country if it would be willing to join the anti-Islamic State coalition (led by the United States). 

In this interview conducted on Wednesday, 30 September, PM al-Abadi also revealed that intelligence sharing between Iraq, Iran and Russia regarding air and ground combat operations against the Islamic State  has been ongoing for at least the past 3 months. This means the Baghdad coordination center manned by a Russian three-star general, and Iranian general and an Iraqi general has been receiving intelligence information provided by the United States far longer than the coordination center has been known to exist. Is this how Russia knew precisely where to hit the US-backed rebels in Syria over the past two days in preparation for the expected land offensive by Iranian, Syrian and Russian marines? Are American combat forces in Iraq now at greater risk due to loose Iraqi lips? Stand-by.

30 September 2015: As expected and in the immediate aftermath of the Putin-Obama mini-summit at the UN headquarters in New York City, Vladimir Putin and his rubber-stamp Federation Council (upper legislative house of the Federal Assembly) have made President of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama and his entire corps of mainstream media lap dogs look like rank amateurs.  Within hours after Putin declared that Russia had no plans to deploy large numbers of combat troops into Syria, the exact opposite is now the fact as approved by the Federation Council.

Students of Bible prophecy should know that on the prophetic timeline following Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49:23-27 there is no further mention of what we know as Syria in the prophetic texts, neither in the Psalm 83-related texts or Ezekiel 38/39. I believe we are now about to witness in real-time the reason for this omission. Unrestrained warfare will soon commence to consume and obliterate this land. Refugee problem? Humanitarian crisis? We have not seen anything yet.

In Russian strikes conducted today by Su-25 (NATO: Frogfoot) aircraft, who hit targets near Homs, Hama and Latakia governorates. While Russia claims they struck Islamic State targets, it is well known by Western observers that there are no Islamic State forces anywhere within a radius of 40 miles from these locations. Therefore, what the Russians aircraft struck were anti-Assad rebel forces other than Islamic State, possibly Jabhat al-Nusra and Ahrar al-Sham, or possibly other rebels supported by the US-led coalition. Map below.

In another bit of news, it is also being reported by Western military observers that there is severe disagreement, if not outright resentment, between loyal al-Assad officers of the Syrian Army and the Iranian officers of the IRGC who are in positions of command. Several Syrian officers have been put before firing squads for objecting too strenuously against the Iranians.  A house divided cannot stand.

29 September 2015: Despite the recent Netanyahu-Putin mini-summit in Moscow, yesterday in New York the Russian Federation president made public his "worry" concerning Israel's retaliatory strikes against enemy fighting positions and command posts on the Syrian side of the Golan. This "worry" may belie a secret mutual defense agreement among the Syrian, Iranian/Hezbollah and Russian forces. At some point Russian forces may find themselves obligated or otherwise ordered to militarily respond to an Israeli preemptive or retaliatory strike against one or more of Putin's allies, such as Sunday's attack on the Syrian 90th Brigade command post which fired upon Israel under Iranian orders. The clear and present danger noted below just became a little more clear and dangerous.

21 September 2015: PM Netanyahu and a dozen of his IDF staff officers were in Moscow this morning to meet with Russian Federation president Vladimir Putin in order to negate the possibility of a military engagement between Israeli and Russian combat forces in or over Syrian territory. 

Putin made it very clear that the objective of Russian forces deployed into Syria is the defense of the Bashar al-Assad regime against all of its enemies. This is a clear and present danger for Israel. I will state here what virtually all mainstream media are reluctant to put into print. 

Syria's list of enemies includes the State of Israel. Since 1973 the two nations have remained in a state of war against each other, which amounts to a total of 67 years and counting to be precise. 

It is also being reported that Vladimir Putin told Bibi Netanyahu that Russian military forces deployed in Syria will act in a responsible manner. This is no where near reassuring as it was without question Russian military forces taking part in the invasion of sovereign Ukrainian territory which shot down the civilian Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 fourteen months ago during its flight from Amsterdam, Holland to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Russia and its Iranian ally both have considerable military forces in Syria; they are of one accord in the utilization of those forces. This presents a clear and present danger to the State of Israel, and Bibi Netanyahu can be under to illusion of reassurance coming from the leader of the Russian Federation.

17 September 2015: Looks like the folks at DEBKAfile have begun to read this blog. They've also included some commentary indicating they now fully understand  the tactical urgent reason for the Russian military intervention as reported here in SITREP D6-15 on 14 September. This is a good thing. What remains to be seen is if Israel's political leadership will call out Russia's political leadership for the egregious lies given to them regarding ongoing Russian combat operations.  

The ingredients for a military miscalculation in the virtual free-for-all warfare going on in Syria increases with each new day. As Russia's military operations expand outwards into central Syria they will eventually make hot contact with Kurdish YPG rebels fighting against al-Assad's army who have US Special Forces embedded with them as "non-combatant advisors." The entire mess in Syria could turn wicked ugly very quickly.
UPDATED 16 SEPTEMBER 2015: The image above was taken by a Syrian photo journalist near Latakia, Syria is proof positive that the Russian Federation intends to engage in full-scale combat operations against any and all jihadist armies fighting to overthrow the Ba'athist government of Bashar al-Assad. In this image is seen one of the Russian army's jam-resistant R-166-0.5 command and control HF/VHF/UHF communication vehicles.  Thus far the reported eight of these vehicles in Syria constitute a battalion-level signals unit to provide continuous voice and data command and control signals to an entire brigade combat team from line-of-sight to distances of well over a thousand miles. This means well over a thousand Russian combat troops will likely be deployed into northwestern coastal Syria in the coming days, with larger numbers to follow by both air and sea.

And here below is a recent satellite image (click on the image for full details) of the Russian forward operating base (FOB) being stood up at the former Bassel al-Assad International Airport adjacent to the coastal town of Jableh, just south of the port at Latakia. This well-annotated image makes it absolutely clear that Russian military forces intend to remain in Syria for a very long time indeed.

Russian fighter aircraft and attack helicopters will be stationed here, and twice daily flights of war materiel direct from Russia on An-124 Condor strategic lift aircraft have occurred continuously over the past few weeks. The improvements being made to this as yet unnamed FOB appear to have commenced not-so-coincidentally around the time of the signing of the JCPOA agreement with Iran. This newly acquired Russian base in Syria is proof positive that the Obama Administration has been played the willing fool once again by Russia and Iran; that its foreign policy with respect to Russia, Iran and Syria has attained an unbelievably higher level of incompetence than its unilateral withdrawal from Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom had previously evidenced. 

These are the type of things that make what was all but inconceivable a couple of weeks ago a virtual reality now and into the near-term future. However, that said and with an eye to the literal prophetic word of the Lord, Ezekiel tells us that Gog of Magog "will come out of his land in the utmost north (tsaphown yĕrekah)" which is much farther distant than northern Syria. In fact, within the Ezekiel 38/39 prophecy there is no mention of Syria whatsoever, nor is any other country currently located on Israel's present borders or future border. This is rather anomalous considering the many nations of this confederation that constitute a rather detailed or itemized list. This leads me to conclude in analysis of current events that this Russian military presence in Syria is not long-term and limited in scope for one or more unforeseen reasons, but which may well be directly related to the events foretold in Jeremiah 49:23-27, and which constitute a prophetic direct link to Isaiah 17.


Anonymous said...

Bob from Texas


It seems more like conscious duplicity than a high level of incompetence,

Rhonda said...

Hey Sean,
This is amazing! Gog of Magog in combat readiness so close to Israel. Could
you expand a little more on the last paragraph? I always thought Russia's hook
in the jaw was Israel's oil. Isn't that the plunder they seek to take? Isn't
that why Russia is Syria's ally because they are on the Mediterranean Sea and
therefore have access to oil? Thank you.

Brian GC said...

I enjoy your realistic and practical approach Sean... keep it up as it is a source of believable information for me.

Mike Stephenson said...

Sean, is this what BHO meant by having ' more flexibility'? More flexible to allow Russia to be the lead world power.

Mike aka ftwspursfan

Sean Osborne said...

Bob in Texas,
You're right, the evidence of gross duplicity greatly outweighs the evidence of simple incompetence. However, Zero and Jarrett and Rice and the rest of them aren't fooling anyone. It also proves that the Lord's will is being done; appointments have been made and will be kept in the near future.

Sean Osborne said...


It is my understanding that the prophecy given to Ezekiel by the Lord figuratively speaks of His inserting more than one hook placed through Gog's cheeks and into both sides of his jaw.

The operative words are "chach and lĕchiy. To each of these hooks it is also figuratively assumed, as if an image is being created in the readers mind. of a set of lanyards or ropes are that attached to each hook and which are pulled to lead wherever the Authority holding the ropes chooses to go.

For Gog of Magog and his assembled hordes this location is the mountains of Israel. They will believe according to the spoken words and thoughts God places in Gog's mind (Ezekiel 38:10) that his assembled armies are to come to conquer the entire land of Israel and its people and to take all of it as a spoil of war.

But this is still some time into the future. It will come to pass when Israel is completely at peace and its people are dwelling safely in all of the land, without figurative need for walls, bars or gates to protect them. So, there are still many events which must come to pass.

This base a Jableh near Latakia might just be the first of several because the ultimate Ezekiel 38/39 invasion force is far more massive than just a brigade of a couple thousand troops.

Sean Osborne said...

That's precisely the theme of this blog" "Current world events seen through the clarifying lens of the LORD's inerrant prophetic word."

The only thing that's changed since Babylonian and then Roman armies besieged and conquered Israel between about twenty-five hundred and two thousand years ago is the level of technology the modern-day armies possess.

The Spiritually-inspired writers of these prophesies could only describe these events in the terminology that was familiar to them 2500 to 2000 years ago.

Swords, shield, bucklers, bows arrows and spears of the past are today assault rifles of every caliber, heavy mechanized armor and fighting vehicles, artillery, and rotary or fixed-wing combat aircraft.

Sean Osborne said...


Yes, absolutely, the flexibility to simply make grandiose bluffs and then to stand-down and/or stand aside as Israel's existential enemies come ever closer. Flexibility to make deals that threaten not only Israel's existence, but that of the West at-large.

Ultimately, he fails.

mark3210 said...


Are you at all surprised that Bibi has agreed to meet BHO in November?

I understand the need to maintain diplomatic appearances to an extent, but hasn't this ship already sailed?

I never thought things would get to the point where I firmly believed that an American President was undeserving of a meeting with an Israeli PM.

Sean Osborne said...

Not surprised at all. Bibi has a meeting with Gog of Magog a month before he meets with Zero. No surprise at all.

Remember, during the 70th Week the rabbi's of the Sanhedrin and the 3rd Temple will fulfill the prophecy Jesus gave in John 5:43 - they will accept the Antichrist as Israel's awaited mashiach.

Knowing this ... there is nothing a Israeli political leader working in the world of secular politics has done or will yet do that would surprise me.

Anonymous said...

As Hannibal of the A-Team would have said" I like it when a plan comes together " . The world leader from America, Russia, Turkey, Israel, UK, German are all making irrational decisions, as if some higher dark power is moving their hands, mouths and pens like a puppet. I thing the power of the AC is already working in leaders. I wish you could make updates everyday. Every time I pick up a newspaper paper events are converging at breakneck speed I can't even keep up. A month ago if anyone told me Russian plans and armour would be in Syria, I would have laughed it off. Keep up the good work!


Sean Osborne said...


Any military activity on the scale of what Russian forces are doing in Latakia, Tartus and the Eastern Mediterranean Sea these days is a decidedly major event. This is occurring due to the absence of American power projection and Obama's very limited quasi-war against the Islamic State.

Never before have Russian troops been engaged in combat in the Middle East. It is an undeniable fact that Russian soldiers have engaged in combat against the al-Nusra Front near Latakia, Syria on behalf of the al-Assad regime within the past two weeks, and Russian combat aircraft have flown missions over Idlib since early September.

This will lead to much larger-scale engagements in the days/weeks to come.

Lance M said...

Hey Sean,

Do you think that Russia's establishment of a FOB in Syria indicates a soon (soon in relative terms) culmination of the Psalm 83 war? JD Farag explained that When Jesus said "I come quickly...", that it actually means that he comes when things are happening at a rapid pace....seems fitting for our days. It will only speed up from here.


Sean Osborne said...


The prophetic word of God says these events will "come like a flood." I think we can count the maximum number of years with the fingers of just one hand.

mark3210 said...


On top of everything else, the 4th and final blood moon will arrive before the month is over.

Perhaps we should take that as a final warning sign of the approaching "flood"?

Scipio said...

Wow Sean. We know this, the 2020 deadline (roughly)but every time I contemplate this, it's striking. However, the vast majority of Christians are un-knowing or swept up by the world's pursuits.
Let alone, the wordly, who will be 'swept away'. Mt 24 is such an interesting verse for this.
I also feel that the Lord is testing us individually intensely now, as the time rapidly approaches. THANKS for the insights.

Sean Osborne said...


Blood moon?

Once again I have to say, there is zero, nada, nothing in Scripture about a series of blood moons having any prophetic significance.

An excerpt from Global SITREP A12-15: It's Happening!! post 9 March 2015 explains my view of Mark Blitz' pet "blood red moons" theory:

"I do disagree with Mark Blitz that being a 'watchman on the wall' is anything but a speculative waste of time, and I did not have to stay in a Holiday Inn last night to come up with that. Nor did I write a book about the prophetic significance of a sequence of blood moons interspersed with a solar eclipse when all the Spirit-inspired Word of God really says three times is, respectively:

"The sun shall be turned into darkness,
And the moon into blood,
Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord." Joel:2:31 NKJV

"The sun shall be turned into darkness,
And the moon into blood,
Before the coming of the great and awesome day of the Lord." Acts:2:20

"I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood." Revelation 6:12

Most "prophecy buffs" interpret these verses to state that the Lord will break open the Sixth Seal during Gabriel's prophetic 70th Week (Daniel 9:24-27) and on one occasion, and one occasion only, the sun will become black and the moon will turn red. One time, not four times with a bisecting dark sun prior to the 70th Week."

Sean Osborne said...


I don't know about other Christians who may or may not have taken "oil in their vessels with their lamps" (Matthew 25:1-13), but I assume all of us reading this have enough oil in our lamps, and arise each morning looking for signs of His coming in the clouds.

I believe you are spot-on correct about what their pursuits are at the present time because it is also prophetic Scripture (Matthew 24:45-51).

Anonymous said...

Yes Sean the call to keep our lamps topped up and our wicks trimmed is for all that expect the great harpazzo, but unfortunately a great many Christians have no idea nor are they aware of the many times scripture warns us about verses like the prophetic ones Matthew 24:45-51.

hartdawg said...

....I'm still waiting for either Jordan to fall or to turn on israel in order for psalm 83 to be finally fulfilled. Although I strongly suspect psalm 83 will be fulfilled BEFORE THE catching away of the bride, I'm still in expectation that he could come today.

Sean Osborne said...


You'll want to see the next SITREP because it is about Psalm 83 and its fulfillment.

Kenneth Moore said...

Sean: quoted
"yesterday in New York the Russian Federation president made public his "worry" concerning Israel's retaliatory strikes against enemy fighting positions and command posts on the Syrian side of the Golan. This "worry" may belie a secret mutual defense agreement among the Syrian, Iranian/Hezbollah and Russian forces."

Please define this alittle bit more for me. Not sure exactly what Putin's worry
or secret mutual defense agreement really is?
Thank you. Sorry if I am being redundant.

Sean Osborne said...


All military forces on a battlefield have their orders, and those orders include fairly specific RoE, or Rules of Engagement.

We do not know at what threshold the Russian commander might be required under their RoE in Syria to order his forces into action against Israel in defense of the Syrian army of al-Assad or the IRGC/Hezbollah armies of the Ayatollah in Syria who attack Israel as they did this past weekend.

hartdawg said...

I'm wondering if the true christians that are left in Syria know of the prophecy in Isaiah 17 and are able to escape. Perhaps the Lord has used the persecution in Syria to get them out????

Sean Osborne said...


What we should be mindful of at this time is that while the Lord has promised to keep the bride of Christ from the overflowing His wrath during the 70th Week, we must endure the events and consequences on this earth until the Harpazo.

Matthew 24:6-8 is happening right now, and as our Lord has said, these things are the origin of the sorrow which will follow.

I suggest a thorough (detailed) reading of Matthew 24 and 25 is something we should all be doing now.

Kenneth Moore said...

I continue to follow events everyday. I'm not surprised at the level of deceit and apostasy in the world and governments. Thank you for your perseverance and insight thru the Holy Spirit.

What do you think?

Specifically, we must ask whether the most recent movement by Vladimir Putin might be, in fact, the actual staging for this great conflict of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39.

Those who hold to the likelihood that a Psalm 83 war will precede the Gog-Magog attack will say this cannot be the time of that great Ezekiel 38-39 conflict. I continue to respectfully disagree with the proposition that such an inner ring of nations as given in what I believe to be an Imprecatory prayer by God's chosen nation in Psalm 83 indicates a separate military action. I continue to believe that the prayer offered in Psalm 83 will be answered powerfully and unequivocally by the God of Heaven with the all but total annihilation of the combined Gog-Magog forces of all surrounding nations who come against Israel.

Sean Osborne said...


I respectfully disagree with brother Terry James view as expressed in the excerpt of the linked RR article.

It is my view that Terry is making a fairly significant eschatological mistake in isolating Psalm 83 from the other directly related prophecies regarding war between Israel it's adjacent neighbors to the north, east and west prior to the 70th Week. As I frequently mention on this blog, two examples of the Psalm 83 related prophecies are Isaiah 11:12-14 and Ezekiel 28:24-26.

hartdawg said...

Funny that you would mention a reading of Matthew 24&25 now. I'm in a debate with some other pre trib, dispensational believers concerning these very chapters. To be honest, my position has changed.
1) are these chapters only about the time of Jacob's trouble and the jews therefore the church and the harpazo are not in these chapters?
2) do these chapters cover a panoramic view of history from the cross forward then zooms in on the final days?
3) is Matthew 24&25 talking about the final generation? And is the harpazo in Matthew 24?
By the way, concerning psalm 83, I counted 5 passage that speak of the same prophecy
1, Obadiah, 2,Ezekiel 25, 3, zephaniah 2, 4, Jeremiah 49 and 5, Isaiah 11. Even if psalm 83 wasn't in the pages of holy writ you could still study and come away with the conclusion that a battle with the inner muslim ring precedes Ezekiel 38&39. I think zephaniah 2 is the clearest.

Sean Osborne said...


I urge a reading of Matthew 24/25 (a/k/a The Olivet Discourse, and also as recorded by Mark 13, Luke 21) because they are, (A) two of the most important chapters in the entire Bible, and (B) the Lord Himself prophesying, in part, about the times we are living in right now.

Not only that, but in His discourse the Lord's prophesying is 100% in harmony with what John on Patmos was shown to write in the Book of Revelation!

Moreover, the Olivet Discourse also includes Scripture references from Genesis, ALL of the major OT prophets, plus several of Paul's letters, Timothy, Peter and Hebrews, not one of which had been written at the time the Lord spoke these words!

Funny? No, this is an eschatological imperative for anyone who wants to understand more about the prophetic word of God than they ever have before and teach loved ones and others about what has been clearly foretold by God about the here and now and into the 70th Week. That we are at the very edge of the occurrence of the Harpazo, this may well be a last direct chance to reach those unsaved loved ones.

Everyone: HERE IS A CROSS REFERENCE CHART that is essential to understanding what I just wrote above to hartdawg. Save it into your browser and use it in your own or group study of Bible prophecy.

I guarantee one and all that in using this chart You will learn new things that you never knew before. It is inevitable because if you already knew these things you would not need to be reading Eschatology Today.

For example, in the run-up to the battle described by Ezekiel 38/39 (Battle of Gog/Magog) which we are now witnessing in real-time events in the Middle East, it has been taught on this blog for at least the past five years that Ezekiel 39:29 - which is written in the past tense - is very unambiguous evidence that the Harpazo of the bride of Christ will occur immediately before or during the fulfillment of this prophecy. No one knows the day or hour, but Ezekiel 39:29 draws a distinct, bold line between what we know as the Church Age and the 70th Week.

NG said...

Under the guise of attacking the Islamic state, both Russia and Turkey leaderships, which are made of Orwellian-style liars and deceivers, are pursuing untold objectives.

So far, Russia is in reality targeting Western and Saudi sponsored al-Nusra front rebels (who are idiots so I won't cry for them) while Turkey is in reality targeting the brave and sympathetic Kurdish forces which is more of a concern.

At the same time, the Islamic state combatants are kind of dwelling in peace and security, with free hands to conduct their atrocities.

Islamic state combatants are useful idiots that, by their very existence, help justify Russia's and Turkey's presence and action in Syria.

Moscow and Ankara are therefore not in a hurry to crush the Islamic state.

This is what we call 'Realpolitik'.

What about the U.S.? They have launched air raids against the Islamic state for over a year, with very little results. Is their pseudo military campaign just cosmetic?
If yes, why?

Great Grany 5 said...

Good God's Day Sean and all who gather here,

Just getting on the big wide world of the internet and had no idea what is happening outside of my domain. However, I am rather particular in where I go to learn the real story; so here I am.

I read your newest news Sean and not the least bit surprised at what you had to say. The day that the TV lapdogs and all of the other so-called journalist were gathering to observe two of the most deceptive men alive on Planet Earth shake hands, I experienced a SUDDENLY! I think most of you have had the same experience as the cameras rolled to show us two "Hostile Men" being forced to be nice in front of the camera. HA, HA! Now if these two comic book characters are going to continue to behave in like manner in the future, they need to enroll in some serious drama training.

If you believed that story about Obama being angry and hostile to Putin, I have several bridges located throughout the world that I would be happy to sell you. It is all an act and the worst actor is Mr. Obama.

Now we are getting a chance to see the beginning of the advancement of the Ez. 38 and 39 fulfillment but there are a few details to complete before. Whether Ps. 83 is on the radar of anyone else is inmaterial to ABBA. It will be as HE has declared and not one smudge of mankind's arrogance is going to change it. I keep being reminded that God's word tells us that "His ways are not our ways; his understanding is not in our capacity to understand; we are not to depend on our ability to understand". I know I have taken the liberty to paraphrase the passage but it doesn't change the meaning.

The main thing is, God is on the MOVE and we are or should be attending to the fulfillment of carrying out the Orders that Jesus left all of the Believers of his gospel. I hope to see you all very shortly in that great Taking UP moment but until then, keep your eyes on the promises of God.



Sean Osborne said...

Amen GG5!

The pace and weight of events are such that very soon they will beyond the capability of any group of men to control. Like a flood.

hartdawg said...

Every now and then I say this, but I'll say it again. Doesn't the likelihood that we'll be in the father's house in 5-10 years just thrill your soul? Doesn't it just give you unimaginable joy? While it's of upmost important to watch these events unfold and to be watching, sometimes it's good to step back and realize what it means for the Christian, we're going home soon. Sometimes it's good to contemplate on what awaits us.
Sorry for my ramblings, I hope you don't mind

mark3210 said...


I think my biggest take away from today's speech wasn't words but 3 moments of silence.

The two moments where Bibi stared down the crowd (both at the start and middle), and the moment the US delegation was caught on camera sitting on their hands while the assembly was applauding.

I've certainly felt this way before but I think we are going to see Jeremiah 49 fulfilled some time in the next 12 months before Bibi takes to that podium again.

Sean Osborne said...


I don't mind at all; the ever increasing nearness of the moment when our Father will send His Son for His bride in the Harpazo is always foremost in my thoughts.

I have thought about this and quickly came to understand that that specific moment is beyond the comprehension or wildest imagination of those who will be found worthy to be taken. There is nothing which has prepared us for that type of an event except that we know and believe it will happen soon.

This led me to ponder what the reaction will be of observant Jews who are witness to the instantaneous disappearance of thousands of Christians in their midst in Israel in exactly the same manner as their Torah explains the disappearance of Enoch.

The Jews know that Enoch walked with God and that is why he was suddenly taken up into heaven to be with God. So how can they not apply the same to the millions of suddenly disappeared Christians, not just in Israel, but world-wide?

Sean Osborne said...


I'm pretty much done listening or watching Bibi work his oratory magic at the UN or elsewhere.

He knows what must be done; I want to see him act upon that knowledge.

Great Grany 5 said...


Do I ever get excited thinking about being evacuated by Heavenly Design? Who me? Have you ever seen an old woman or man, twirling and kicking up their heels in exuberant joy?

You know I do and I have even become so daring as to do so in public and among a whole lot of vomit causing church goers. There are days that I have to stay off of the internet because just thinking about where we are going makes creating any response impossible. So yes, I can honestly say that my joy exceeds my ability to be a grumpy ole dame that has seen so much of history that the present Washington Circus is very disgusting.

We will be taken out of here before the whole world turns completely against the Apples of God's eye. Why do I say that. Because as long as we, Holy Spirit filled, fire baptized Believers in Jesus Christ are here, we HOLD BACK SATAN and his minions. So, everybody, get busy with our assignment and Hold Em Back, all the Way Back! Holy Spirit is his name and Holding Back is his game.


jmoll106 said...

Sean, Thanks for the update.
I'm sure when Isaiah 17 and Psalm 83 are fulfilled, Russia and their allies won't be happy with the outcome of so many lost and will bring their entire forces upon Israel to their own demise. May God's will be done. The sooner Jesus takes his rightful place as King of kings the sooner the world will know true peace.

hartdawg said...

Sean, what you said about Netanyahu is soooooo spot on. Netanyahu has a habit of standing firm then caving at the last second. He's done this repeatedly. He needs to stop talking and start acting. My prayers are with him

hartdawg said...

A big, hearty AMEN to that!!!!

hartdawg said...

Ok, so I looked at that cross reference. I'm going to have to print it out because although it's a good cross reference, there are a few things that are not in there that should be. For example, the cross reference chart didn't cross reference the sheep and goat judgment with Joel 3 where all the nations are gathered in the valley of jehosophat. Isn't it amazing how many old testament references are in the Olivet discourse? It's also amazing how the seal judgment in revelation 6 are laid out in sequential order in Matthew 24? Anyways, there are many more old testament allusions in the Olivet discourse than what's in the chart so now I have to get busy and search them out.