Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How to Hide MH370 in Plain Sight

UPDATE 02 July 2014: The theory proposed in this Eschatology Today article, which was buttressed in the previous update of 14 April, has now been all but conclusively proven correct based upon forensic analysis performed by the Australian Traffic Safety Bureau (The ATSB is the Australian equivalent  of the American NTSB). Details are contained in this report published yesterday:

Near-conclusive evidence that Malaysia Airlines MH370 was hijacked: cockpit tampering deliberately hid plane from radar

14 April 2014: In the past 24 hours new information come to light which adds significant and specific gravity to the theory I proposed below, now highlighted in yellow. MH370 was deliberately turned around in a radical manner and flown back over the Malay Peninsula in a westerly direction and at a very low altitude in order to hide the aircraft from radar detection.

An article in the New Straits Times of 12 April reports that co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid on MH370 made an attempt to reconnect with his cell phone's service provider as the aircraft flew at a low altitude over Penang, Malaysia. It so happens that Penang, Malaysia is barely 5 miles from the airport I cite below south of Georgetown at Batu Maung. Yesterday's edition of the New York Daily News repeated this report, as did the British online newspapers DailyMail, Independent and Mirror with banner headlines:

Missing flight MH370 was ''thrown around like a fighter jet'' in deliberate bid to avoid radar detection

At the minimum, the theory I proposed below which based upon information I had collected at that time would have saved a lot of time, effort and cash spent by several nations sending their military forces in a futile wild goose chase effort to search an extremely remote area of the Indian Ocean when MH370 is located thousands of miles away to the northwest. There must be something of great significance at stake for so many governments around the world to engage in a full-blown charade such as this MH370 saga has become.

11 April 2014: An uncorroborated report from a Russian website known as posted an article today claiming that according to an anonymous source within the Russian security services (think: FSB) MH370 was hijacked by persons other than the pilot/copilot and that the aircraft had "hard landing" on a rural road in Taliban-controlled area southeast of Kandahar near the the virtually lawless Pakistan-Afghanistan border.  The report claims the passengers are alive, safe and subsistence living in small groups of seven individuals per hut in this remote area; the aircraft had suffered a broken wing due to the hard landing.

As with General McInerney's very similar statements in this regard, the Afghan-Pakistan border region (south of Kandahar, and west of Quetta) that could be searched by several nations with overhead reconnaissance satellite capabilities is far smaller and more refined than the fruitless and futile distractions that have been occurring in the deep south and great depths of the Indian Ocean.

20 March 2014: Everyone has a theory about what happened to Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370. Now its my turn.

We all know according to official sources the flight computer on board MH370 was re-programmed to execute a turn from the scheduled flight path. We have been informed the aircraft rose to 40+ thousand feet, then dove to perhaps 5k feet in altitude very rapidly.  I think this maneuver was designed to mimic a sudden catastrophe and splashdown at the southern end of the Gulf of Thailand. Obviously, it worked exactly as planned. No one really knows anything right then and there, what occurred next occurred like a lightning bolt after a "everything OK, good night" last call communication. But suddenly Flight MH370 has gone dark, literally and figuratively.

The two transponders are now silent having been manually switched off. The aircraft is now on a western heading at low altitude (ground clutter of the Malay Peninsula is hiding it effectively from ATC radar). On radar the aircraft then suddenly appears to be ascending in altitude over the Malacca Straits as if it were a flight out of the airport just south of Georgetown, Malaysia (in the vicinity of Batu Maung). During this brief dark time the aircraft transponders were reprogrammed with the manipulation of a couple of switches and dials by the onboard Flight Engineer; they are turned back on, but are now squawking a completely different aircraft ID and data set. The pilots and flight engineer (or whomever has commandeered this aircraft) are now communicating on a different radio frequency also. They are mimicking a different aircraft on a different flight to a different place on the earth.

They rise in altitude and maintain a bearing on air corridor P765, flying to the west toward the Middle East and squawking the new transponder ID and data set. They are in routine air traffic control communications as a completely different flight. They have effectively and electronically hidden MH370 in plain sight.

So, about five hours or so later let's say they show up at the Maldives' Gan Island Airport for a refueling stop. The local saw them at 06:15 AM, woke the entire island up it seems. Again, the aircraft commandeers have no reason to worry about being detected on radar by anyone, they were just one of several hundred other commercial flights in the air at 0'dark thirty early that morning.  And who really checks the aircraft's registration numbers on the fuselage at 0'dark thirty?  (Nobody does except aircraft aficionados and that's usually at large airports far removed from the Maldives.)

This might be the big national security secret Uncle Sam and Israel are aware of. No one has made mention of anything like this that I am aware of. This is what I think the IC sources have told Gen. McInerney and he has repeated a couple of times now on FoxNews.  Aircraft these days, post-9/11 world that is, have far too many critical control and communication devices that can be manually turned on/off or altered in their setting by anyone with a full set of fingers and a desire to do so. This type of action is better than a stealth aircraft any day of the week, and it's more cost effective than any other multi-hundred billion dollar stealth program. This also how you get a nondescript WMD platform very close to its intended target. Pure deception. This is my theory, take it or leave it, your choice.

24 March 2014 UPDATE: About The Satellite 'Ping' Arc

Here we're going to get into (just a little bit) some of the reasoning behind my theory on where MH370 went.  My theory is partially based upon this image above. It shows both the northern and southern arc that were generated by the receipt of a single engine ping received by the Inmarsat geosynchronous satellite on the morning of 8 March 2014. The thing here is that the public was told that MH370 could have been anywhere along that several thousand mile-long arc in the microsecond the ping was received. Well, the entire arc is continuous, even though the northern and southern portions are not connected with a continuous red line in the image above. This arc represents the furthest extent which the satellite could have "seen" where the ping could have come from and that is all it represents. So, the information the public was given about this arc was only a partially truthful statement.

I happen to know that just one satellite is not enough to resolve an electromagnetic ping to a geographic location on or above the earth with any precision. A minimum total of three satellites are necessary to resolve the geographic location of such a ping. A constellation of three satellites could narrow the location of the pinging device down to an ellipse of about perhaps a half mile by one mile, or something like that. With three satellites resolving the location of the ping it would have been a pretty small area to search, that's for darn sure. I used to locate deployed foreign military assets the same way, one "ping" of their electromagnetic emitter was all it took to locate that asset with a small ellipse.

So, with just one satellite having received a single ping the area of the surface or air immediately above earth from which the ping was received by the satellites antenna would have to be in the shape of an imaginary wedge, not an arc. In the case of MH370 this imaginary wedge shape would extend from the position of the satellite over the equator (red box) to both the northern and southern ends of the southern arc. The farthest point of the arc edge would be right on the surface of the ocean, and  the satellite (box) would extend up to the maximum ceiling (altitude) for the 777 aircraft. So, to visualize this wedge I simply drew two lines on the original map, one line to the northern part of the arc and then one to the southern end of the arc. Inside this wedge shape below look what at what islands are closest to the satellite on the equator.  The Maldives.

Until some solid evidence, and lots of it, from MH370 are found I will abide with my theory on what happened to this aircraft and its passengers and crew because everything I know tells me they were on the morning of 8 March 2014 in the narrowest part of the above wedge.


mark3210 said...

That was quite an eventful end to Winter wasn't it?

I can only imagine what the Spring season will have in store for us.

It feels like everything is reaching a boiling point now.

Sean Osborne said...


However, I think the situation on this earth has been at a continuous boil since last August. Good thing we have deep oceans, for the moment at least.

Anonymous said...

Maybe. Very curious that Israel continues to blame Iran and to expect trouble from the plane, like they know or suspect something. So much for the Black Hole theory.

Great Grany 5 said...

You always amaze me with your grasp of things. I watched Sean with the Gentleman you spoke of and he seemed so positive that his sources were trustworthy. All of this makes me weep for our nation, the world and soon coming really non-imaginable horror that will be turned loose.

From the moment I heard about this weirdness I got very worried. Not because I am fearful but because I know it will turn all manner of evil thinking loose and that is very dangerous. Seemed odd to me that it happened so close to the Crimean situation and the snarling match between Putin and Obama.

All of this and we still have to pay our Federal Income Taxes, jeez!


Sean Osborne said...

Israel does know something. So does the US government. And what I've written here is my interpretation of what they know.

Black Hole theory is beyond stupid, but it works for the likes of CNN.

Sean Osborne said...


This kind of thing has been my bread and butter for many, many years. The trick is to express it in terms the average guy or gal can understand. That's what I have attempted to do in explaining how this jet could be electronically hidden in plain sight - even though its commandeering occurred when it was pitch black on that side of the world.

The passengers had no idea what was going on; the only thing they could see was the interior of the cabin. The only thing they could feel was the rapid rise in altitude and then a very rapid descent. Most probably were unconscious thereafter or writhing in pain from busted ear membranes - 40+k feet to 5k feet in a matter of seconds is trauma defined.

Anonymous said...

As a retired air force weather officer with lots of time supporting intel/recon type missions I say your explanation best accounts for the actual known facts, including the General's statement, better than any other. There has been no doubt the aircraft was stolen from the very first days' reports. Given that it was stolen, the why has got to be Israel-related. Shazam!!!! Bob, Peoria, AZ

Sean Osborne said...


Thanks for the thumbs up on my attempt to put the puzzle pieces together.

The transponder reset notion hit me out of the blue yesterday, in the midst of yet another marathon session of looking at lots of details with a former CIA field agent via Email.

We had just got done looking at images of a whole lot of equipment on a 777 which can be turned off, adjusted, reset, you-name-it, with dials, toggles and switches and that's when my 'Whoa Nellie' moment occurred with respect to the transponders that everyone assumes were turned off and remained that way.

That train of thought came from our refusal to buy into the notion that Thai, Burmese, Indian, Sri Lankan, US and UK air search radars would not illuminate an unidentified aircraft and not issue some kind of an alert for closer scrutiny.

The early-on working premise was that this was either a crash or a potential terrorist attack in progress, with an emphasis on a potential terror attack - so a radar return from an unidentified A/C would have elicited an instantaneous response in that region, but a normally squawking flight on a normal flight profile would be, at least initially, not be seen as a 10-meter target.

Such a feint would work once, and hopefully it will not work again. Actually, it had better not work again!

mark3210 said...

What do you think happened to the passengers' cell phones during all of this?

Were they confiscated by the hijackers or blocked from use in some way?

Sean Osborne said...

I have no idea, confiscated would be my wild guess.

Great Grany 5 said...

Hubby and I have a love of avionics and hubby is an exceptionally talented pilot to boot. He feels that there was Ground Help involved in this whole episode and I do too. More than just a little bit.

I read your take on it and he said it is very, very plausible. But the first analysis about the Island under our control really got him excited. He knew all about that island from years before I knew him. He was almost jumping around and yes "YES, makes perfect sense!" You did a great job of getting this woman to understand what was taking place.


Sean Osborne said...


Too much time has passed for me to hold to my initial thought (based on the observed position of the aircraft moving westward over the Malay Peninsula and Palau-Perak island in the straits) that this was an extraordinary rendition involving an entire aircraft. (The pax would have been home safe by now)

However, the report of a multiple eyewitness sighting of a very unusual jumbo aircraft transit over their atoll just north of the Maldives' Gan Island international airport about 5 hours later fits absolutely perfectly with the commandeered flight profile of MH370 on 8 March.

An absolutely perfect fit by eyewitnesses with no reason to lie about such a thing (no one on the atoll knew at that time that a hijack of this aircraft had occurred) is so ridiculously far beyond coincidental that I simply had to regard the sighting as a HUMan INTelligence (HUMINT) fact.

mark3210 said...


I saw the news earlier in the day that Israel is closing all embassies and consulates around the world for first time in its history.

Kind of surprised this isn't getting more play in the press.

Has to be a big deal, does it not?

Sean Osborne said...

No big deal. The Foreign Ministry went on strike; it's an old dispute that has finally come to a head.

duckdogger said...

What about the debris being searched for in the South Indian Ocean? Or the most recent satellite data referenced by the Malaysian press conference today?

Deceptions to make the terrorists believe they succeeded? I can see the benefit of that ploy while we analyze what they are doing and develop a plan to neutralize the threat.

Sean Osborne said...

The most recent satellite data is still the last ping received by the Inmarsat satellite early on the morning of 8 March.

There is something else I need to explain; it will tell one and all why I am very, very reluctant to dismiss this as the Malaysian government has just done.

I will post an image and a narrative at the bottom of this post very shortly.

Roz said...

What is 'missing' jet going to be used for?

Have you heard the report from Isaac Yeffet, former security chief for El Al Israel Airlines? [Newsmax TV 3/18/2014; Steve Malberg Show]

Sean Osborne said...


My presumption is that the aircraft will be used for an attack upon Israel.

I believe the planned attack stands a very good chance of including a WMD aspect - as alluded to recently by PM Netanyahu.

I have not heard of Isaac Yeffet, but I will immediately search out and listen to what he said to Steve Malzberg on his 18MAR14 program.

Sean Osborne said...

This theory of mine will be circulated today, and probably well into tomorrow, among a whole bunch of folks in the intelligence community, the military brass, and political circles. The lame stream Obama lap-dog media will probably even catch on at some point.

I have told the distributor to include my name because I want the government to know who has spilled the beans by these technical means, and that the training they provided me to achieve this was worth every penny they spent.

Sean Osborne said...

By the way and FWIW,

The number of page views the two articles on MH370 are receiving by people in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong-China is at an all-time high.

Not surprising really given the rubbish these people are being fed by their government and media.

I hope it registers upon the people of these countries that the truth about MH370 is being given to them freely by an American, a born-again follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Living Son of God. In Him is all truth.

malisa wright said...

Great reporting, keep spreading TRUTH!

Sean Osborne said...

Will do Malisa, will do!

mark3210 said...


This article says the plane stayed at 43,000 feet for 23 minutes and they would have run out of oxygen after 12 minutes.

So it sounds to me like all passengers would be dead before the plane began it's sudden descent to 5,000 feet. Meanwhile the pilots had to have some sort of extra oxygen supply to keep going.

Do you agree?

Sean Osborne said...

No, I absolutely disagree.

At 43,000 feet every nation with an air search radar within line of sight would have seen MH370 without any ambiguity whatsoever.

Besides this the 777 aircraft can comfortably fly at 45,000 feet without having the passengers needing to don air masks. I heard an active 777 pilot state this unequivocally on the Hannity radio program last week.

This report is pure bunkum.

Great Grany 5 said...

I also appreciate your dedication to the truth in all things and the ease you make of understanding what you are conveying to all of us. I read your discussions about this Malaysian flight and then copied it to my reader so hubby could digest it too.

Neither one of us believe the "crashed into the southern most part of the Indian Ocean" pronouncement by the PM of Malaysia. One point that caused both us to buck our necks at their report was the "lack of PHYSICAL evidence" and how quickly after you posted the first portion of this segment the Malaysian PM declared their verdict of a deep six event. Hubby hadn't even read your post when the PM spoke and his reaction to that announcement was one of total disbelief.

Hubby sensed there was a huge underlying reason for that sudden about face from the leaders there. As he read your postings he made a very simple diagnoses: "We will wait this one out because I believe this man is correct".

I grieve for the climate of lying that has taken over this whole world but I also rejoice because I know that the Lord's SHOUT is about to be heard. Maranatha! Come Quickly Lord!


mark3210 said...

Well, there doesn't seem to be any shortage of disinformation to cover up what happened, is there?

For every 10 stories on this, 9 of them are probably full of crap!

Sean Osborne said...

Yup. And I agree with Gen. McInerney on the reason why the cover-up began as quickly as the event began.

At the forefront of the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 there are 5 muslims from two muslim countries: three Iranians and two Malaysians.

Need we say more?

Sean Osborne said...

In the "For What It's Worth" category I took an on-the-spot, impromptu poll of several dozen US active duty military (all service branches), national guardsmen and civilian employees.

The question: Do you or do you not believe the official US/UK/Malaysian government narratives and alleged evidence that Malaysian Airlines FLT 370 was deliberately flown to the most inaccessible area on the face of the earth and then simply crashed into the Indian Ocean?

Not one person responded in the affirmative.

The follow up question was: Do you believe the disappearance of MH370 was related in some manner to islamic terrorism?

All responded in the affirmative, or "yeah, probably," and of those the vast majority indicated they believe that Iran was involved in some manner.

duckdogger said...

I find the relatively sudden appearance of debris fields in the Indian Ocean to be amazing, in a skeptical sense. Where was all this debris hiding in the interim?

Did some unexplained ocean current raise it from the depths to be seen just as the world focuses its attention there? Or was it deposited there by interests friendly with the terrorists from any one of the ships traversing the area?

Sean Osborne said...

The multiple debris fields that have been discovered of late in the most inaccessible part of the Indian Ocean are the product of a scientific process known by its common military acronym "PFM."

PFM stands for Pure Freaking Magic.

Interestingly enough, this is the same scientific process which is claimed to have also produced all manner of living organisms and the discrete organs thereof (such as brains, eyes, nerve endings and central nervous system, etc. etc.) on planet earth, and which is alternatively known by many as Evolution.

Great Grany 5 said...

Manufactured "Proof" plain and simple. Now, find the blooming aircraft and then we will believe you but only if it is the EXACT Boeing 777 with MH390 identifying markings and registration.

So tired of the low mentality showmanship taking place all over the world now but especially as regards matters of domination.


Great Grany 5 said...

Great diagnosis Sean~

Shalom Again/GG5

Sean Osborne said...

MH370 was the regularly scheduled Malaysian Airlines Kuala Lumpur to Beijing flight number.

9M-MRO is the Malaysian Registration Number of the aircraft.

I wouldn't be surprised if we never see this Boeing 777-2H6ER aircraft again as it last appeared. If I were the bad guys I'd be giving it an entirely different color and graphics design... something that looks like an El Al 777. Just sayin'...

Great Grany 5 said...

Sean, you got it right on the same track and hubby laughs at me for thinking that way. First thought that entered my mind when the whole mess started. Someone remarked that they would use those passengers as fodder against being destroyed in the air. I don't think any of those people are still alive because they would become too troublesome and risky. But now my mind is racing overtime about the rest of the plan. Maybe we need to send them all on a wild goose chase with our ideas so they won't adopt a realistic, well thought out plan.

We do have something much more stealthy and especially our Hebrew Friends. YAHWEH! He never slumbers, nor sleeps, His guidance systems are perfect and never need to be re-calibrated. Also, HE is all seeing and His Word is more powerful than a two edged sword or any IronDome defenses.

You know where I am heading with this line of thinking.


Sunny13 said...

So what do you think of the pulse signals heard in ocean ? Could it be the flight 370?

Sean Osborne said...

I heard a very miniscule something about a Chinese People's Liberation Army-Navy (PLAN) ship and some signal they claim to have detected. Nothing specific, no published data on the signal parameters. Nothing to assess at this point.

The Chinese PLAN are new to the deep, blue water oceans of the world, perhaps they are learning something new?

duckdogger said...

I am not moved by China, and now Australia, hearing a possible ping of some sort. Especially China as I presume them to be at least passively complicit with these who wish harm to Israel. Planting a black box with the proper electronic signature in an ocean would not be a challenge would it?

Anonymous said...

any thoughts on this flapperon found on reunion island that is supposedly from mh370?

Sean Osborne said...

I've been watching this and discussing what's going on at Reunion Island with an intelligence professional.

Key items:

There is a very high probability that the recovered flaperon, luggage and other items are from MH370.

The recovery of MH370 debris on Reunion confirms the siting of the aircraft by the residents of Huvadhoo Atoll in the Maldive Islands several hours after its disappearance as discussed in the other post on this subject.

The ocean currents in this region of the Western Indian Ocean would naturally wash debris up on Reunion if the aircraft ran out of fuel and crashed south of the Maldives Gan Island. I believe debris has been washing up on the shores of the islands south of the Maldive for months now.

This recovery goes a long way towards proving that the massive search for MH370 to the northwest of Australia was a giant and possibly deliberate goose chase. Authorities should not have dismissed what this blog and others put forward about a western flightpath towards Diego Garcia for MH370.

I am working on an update.

Anonymous said...

Sean, its strange. There was a flurry of reporting when the flspperon washed ashore on reunion. Then radio silence for weeks. Then yesterday I saw a few articles in the business section of google news saying they are certain the flapperon came from mh370. Then nothing. Very curious indeed. Would be interested in your thoughts.