Thursday, July 24, 2014

Global SITREP C24-14: "Their God Changes the Path of Our Rockets!"

 HAMAS terrorists and their Qassam-3 rockets poised to fire at Israel

24 July 2014 - OPE Day 17/Ground War Day 7: Please consider this SITREP as an update to what was posted in "SITREP C17-14: Exposing a False god on the Altar of Gaza." In that SITREP I began the second paragraph with:

These enemies of the God of Israel (Psalm 83:2) are very fond of saying "if Allah wills" and who cry out how great he is every time they send a rocket to bring fire upon the children of Israel.

And concluded the third paragraph with:

On the altar that is Gaza will these prophetic words now begin to be made manifest before our own witnessing eyes. "Then you shall know that I am the Lord."
Now I can report that something miraculous is happening in this war, something that is light years well beyond the man-made technology of Israel's vaunted Iron Dome anti-missile defense system. The unseen hand of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is literally altering the planned trajectory of the terrorist missiles on their way to targets in Israel. What's so amazing is that the terrorist missileers and their commanders in Gaza know that the God of Israel is responsible for taking those missiles off their well-planned trajectories.

In the U.K.-based Jewish paper Jewish Telegraph - published last Friday - appears an article on page 17 by Barbara Ordman titled "GOD CHANGES PATH OF OUR ROCKETS."  In this article it states that the people of Israel have been witnessing "hourly miracles." The very next sentence of this article reads:

As one of the terrorists from Gaza was reported to say when asked why they couldn’t aim their rockets more effectively: “We do aim them, but their God changes their path in mid-air.”
The terrorists in Gaza are no dummies. Before they fire a single rocket at Israel they have already taken great diligence to ensure their mathematical throw-weight calculations are correct and that each missile's ballistic trajectory in its planned flightpath will strike where it is aimed.  So when the terrorist commanders ask their missileers why the al-Qassam and M-75 missiles are not hitting the selected targets (as reported back to them in very near real time via Israeli online media) the response that the God of Israel is altering the trajectories in mid-flight is an exceptional admission we would be remiss not to make very careful note of.  "Then you shall know that I am the Lord." Amen!

 A mass HAMAS surrender of 150 to the IDF

In Gaza - not all Muslim's are suicidal and desirous of going into the non-existent arms of 40 virgins in a non-existent islamic paradise.  Last night approximately 150 HAMAS terrorists surrendered to live and potentially fight another day (Israel has been fond of releasing terrorists in the past) when IDF troops poured accurate fire directly on their Rafah position which had been firing missiles at Israel and other ordnance at the IDF.  And at the Kerem Shalom border crossing in the extreme southern corner of the Gaza Strip there was an active military defense of Israel by Egyptian army troops who killed a would-be Islamic suicide bomber attempting to cross into Israel. A little further south Egyptian army troops also killed Islamic terrorists in their vehicle who were preparing to fire Grad artillery rockets into Israel from the Sinai. Egypt is acting like the military ally Israel deserves and the United States under the Obama Administration is anything but. Also of note, there were no IDF casualties during heavy fighting in Gaza overnight. There is no question that Israel is taking it to the terrorist enemy in a very big way, even as IDF battlefield commanders await the order to delivery the crushing blow upon the enemy.

As for  reports about "Palestinian" demands relative to any ceasefire... "Nuts" is the only proper response. Neither HAMAS nor any other group if Islamic terrorist is any position to demand anything of the State of Israel which they all refuse to accept as an existent reality.

The War Expands

Final Update - OPE Day 17: The Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades claimed responsibility in the shooting today of an Israeli law enforcement officer in Qalandiya (north of Jerusalem). This group of terrorists is the military arm of Fatah which is led by PA president Mahmoud Abbas, and are well known jihadist allies of the PFLP-GC and PIJ. It would seem at this point that the Fatah terrorists have expanded their war effort against Israel from Gaza into the environs adjacent to Jerusalem. This attack has resulted in a continuing firefight in Qalandiya with more than 60 Palestinians wounded and three killed by Israeli return fire. Hostilities have also erupted in the area of Rachel's Tomb (Kever Rochel) south of Jerusalem. Hostilities are reportedly continuing in these areas at 0300 in the morning in Israel.

 A virtually beached HAMAS?

25 July 2014 - OPE Day 18/Ground War Day 8:  The image above strikes me as being illustrative of how close HAMAS is to being literally pushed into the sea with their missiles. It also strikes me that there must be huge subterranean stockpiles of this weaponry which HAMAS no longer has access to because it was relatively quiet last night. These are the kind of sequential IDF battlefield victories which usually bring one of two things: either a desperate plea for an immediate ceasefire from a plethora of leftist, international pro-HAMAS third parties (which HAMAS would take advantage of or just plain ignore), or yet another plea from the current Iranian sock-puppet president for Muslim unity in a grand military confrontation against Israel.

Looks like the IDF is close to hitting the jackpot because today we've got both urgent ceasefire pleas and three days of successive Iranian government calls-to-arms against Israel. The first call was Ayatollah Khamenei's on Wednesday calling for the destruction of Israel through "mighty armed resistance", and his newest sock puppet Rouhani essentially repeating that call yesterday, followed by all the other mullahs repeating those calls in Tehran and Qom today. It may well be the Iranian calls will result in either or both Syria and Hezbollah intervening in this war on HAMAS behalf. That intervention would come with all of the Bible prophecy implications we have discussed here at length previously.

Final Update OPE Day 18: The Good News is that PM Netanyahu's security cabinet in a unanimous vote has "flatly rejected" US SECSTATE Kerry's alleged 7 to 18 day long "humanitarian cease fire plan." It was apparently a pro-Arab plan largely crafted by pro-HAMAS Qatari Arabs and therefore a total non-starter. The ceasefire plan was even a non-stater for HAMAS, which should tell everyone one thing very clearly - the peace plan was a ruse, a ploy, a political bear trap set for Israel to step into. All of this is par for the course with an incompetent such as Kerry and his friends.

Again, any Arab demand should be rejected out of hand, and only an unconditional HAMAS and terrorist surrender coupled with total disarmament is appropriate at this point. Israeli aircraft, armor, naval forces and boots on Gaza's soil rule the day, and the nigh,t and must dictate the terms of a terrorist surrender. Period.

The death toll among "Palestinians" in Judea and Samaria violent protests and attacks has risen to a total of 5 through today. Most of today's violence was the direct result of violent political Islam being preached in the "religion of peace" mosques in the Jerusalem area. The Muslim Imams are no doubt responding the HAMAS calls for a general uprising in Israel, which mirrors the calls made by Iran over the past three days as well as their Hezbollah pawns in Lebanon. The Jewish Sabbath in Israel is likely to be anything but restful.


LD said...


I am just amazed at what we are witnessing with our own eyes today. I heard this story, and thank you for the links so it is clearly understood. I can't help but realize that Psalm 83 is unfolding before our eyes. This am's Washington Post states that Secstate Kerry is trying to force a cease fire "before other nations enter the battle against Israel". The Gaza terrorists realize (as did enemies of Israel in OT times) that our God is in charge. The last few verses of Psalm 83 (17-18) make it clear that "men may know that thou, whose name alone is Jehovah, are the most high over all the earth"! Praise God.

Sean Osborne said...



Sean Osborne said...

By the way... a 'hat tip' to the confirming Jewish Telegraph article for this post is very much due to our dear brother-in-Christ, Lawrence of India.

Thank You Lawrence!

Maranatha_Mark said...

Hey Sean,

Great Article! Could Yisra'el have some new electronic counter-measure that causes the missiles' guidance systems to go nuts? And I thought the Jihadist were counting on 72 virgins, not 40. We don't want to short change all those dead and about to die Hamas terrorist out of full 72 virgins due them! LOL!


Maranatha! Mark

Roz said...

As usual your reporting is unparalled! This news was not known to me before your post.

It's encouraging to read that people recognize the hand of God in Israel's (and the worlds)events. Too bad many of the saints still remain unaware.

Sean Osborne said...


The hand of God is at work here. Without question IMHO.

Perhaps it is the kind of direct intervention that is undetectable in real time by the human senses --- things such as what befell the Assyrian army which were slain "by the angel of the Lord" as read in 2 Kings 19 and Isaiah 37.

I suggest we read these chapters as if they are occurring for real in the here and now (as i believe they are, and will in the future also).

So, are these merely Old Testament stories, or are they proof from the inerrant Word of God that He is acting in His sovereign will for the defense of His people?

So it is today. I believe with the utmost conviction that the archangel Michael is doing exactly as prophesied as we have been informed by the angel Gabriel in the Book of Daniel - Michael is both protecting Israel and revealing the LORD God to Israel and to the enemy - precisely as it has been prophesied. These miracles are real!

Sean Osborne said...


Those unaware of the Lord's miraculous works is the reason what I did not waste one nanosecond in getting this information posted after receiving word of it from our brother Lawrence in India!

Sean Osborne said...


This is not about technical data.

This is about miracles of God, and the sooner those of very little true faith, such as the writers of the Christian Science Monitor, learn about these goings on the better.

Sean Osborne said...


Your link to today's JPost article about Jordan's largest salafi rebel group joining the Islamic State was posted to the comments section HERE.

Kenneth Moore said...

All I can say is "Praise the Lord" and AMEN!

Kenneth Moore said...

All I can say is "Praise the Lord" and AMEN!