Thursday, July 17, 2014

Global SITREP C21-14: IDF Enters Gaza (Again)

18 July 2014 - OPE Day 11: As Israel's armored and mechanized forces entered Gaza above and below ground level the paradigm of this war began to change in ways that we may not be able to determine just yet. Another truth in war is that truth is usually the first casualty even though it was well protected by a bodyguard of lies. That's just the nature of warfare. On the surface, Israel's leadership preconditions this as a war not to beat up HAMAS but to break all of their "toys." 

I'd prefer they just shoot all of the terrorists with their fingers on the triggers and missile firing buttons because their weapons cannot fire themselves and they can be gathered up for destruction after all the enemy has been dispatched to the hereafter. Is this not what we learn from the prophecy of Ezekiel 38/39? Somebody please suggest to Bibi and his cabinet to read those prophetic chapters for a hint on how to prosecute this war.

 Stay aloof, stay alive IDF soldiers!
Now that the IDFs armor and boots have gone in there is word of the IDF being ordered by Israel's political leadership of "significantly widening the operation." This is a good thing, a necessary if not essential thing. Let the generals and on-the-ground commanders run the war, not the politicians. Limited objectives always yield limited results. At home in Israel all traitors need to be arrested, stipped of any official duties or office and tried for giving aid and comfort to the terrorist enemy. And let the generals leading this war realize that it is not "good luck to all of us" they they need to invoke and rely upon, but the God of their fathers. Aside from this, it is good to see that Rabbi Dov and many Israelis "get it" on how this war needs to be prosectued.

First Update - OPE Day 11: With OPE Day 11 about three-quarters complete, the IDF ground operation in Gaza continues progressing. So far - so good in other words. The only cautionary note I will sound is that the IDF troops have not met with any large-scale HAMAS or PIJ resistance. The enemy has thus far suffered only about 20 KIA in actual ground combat. This means there are hundreds of the Syrian and Iranian/Hezbollah-trained Izz Ad-Din al-Qassam Brigade and PIJ soldiers in hiding, plus the untrained reserve force of perhaps 10,000 who have yet to make any appearance on the battlefield. So, where are they? With nightfall's rapid approach and a moon rise over a mainly cloudy sky not for another 6 hours (midnight Israel time) the conditions might be right for an appearance.

Final Update - OPE Day 11: With just a couple of hours left in the first full 24-hour day of the IDF ground operation comes the second indication that the reality of what the war in Gaza truly encompasses is finally beginning to register upon the political leadership of both Likud and Kadima - that is realization of the necessity to completely destroy HAMAS and their fellow jihadists in order to achieve the minimalist goals that were announced by the PM prior to the commencement of the ground op in Gaza. In short, the return has to outweigh or exceed the investment. As noted above, the first indication was the necessity to expand the scope of the ground operation after just 12 hours since IDF boots initially crossed the border. May the Lord's prophetic word be made manifest in the coming hours, days and or weeks.


mark3210 said...


I'm finding it hard to comprehend how the Israeli voters elected the supposedly more hawkish party twice running, only to have that leader state at the beginning of a war that their goal is not to destroy the enemy but to destroy infrastructure.

Surely the majority of Israelis want far more than that.

Has Israel truly caved that far to hostile opinion abroad that they can't even openly talk about defending their country in clear terms let alone to actually do it?

Anonymous said...

I know you are concerned as we all are for Israel, but God is in control and knows the outcome. God Bless

Sean Osborne said...


Yes, God is in control. Absolutely. That has been the basic theme within this eschatological blog from the get-go: that the Lord's prophetic word will be fulfilled exactly as written. No doubt about it.

Yet this is still the restored Israel in disbelief (for the most part), and therein lies the core of my opening comment to this SITREP. This war is part and parcel of the Psalm 83/Isaiah 11/Ezekiel 25/Ezekiel 28/Isaiah 17/Isaiah 19 series of pre-70th Week prophetic fulfillments and all that such a statement as this implies from the eschatological perspective.

So, without question the expected fulfillments will occur as written by the prophets. As Jesus said, "these thing must take place." And so they shall.

But how many of Israel's sons will die in this war without having gotten to know the prophetic root of Jesse, the true Annionted One, their true Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ? That is what concerns me about the way this war is being fought going in because it is being led by a leadership which remains in Spiritual darkness.

So far, in the overnight hours here in the US I am very pleased to see there has been only one IDF combat fatality to occur thus far.