Monday, July 21, 2014

Global SITREP C23-14: IDF Taking All of Gaza

21 July 2014: OPE Day 14/Ground War Day 4: It is now obvious to this observer that what may have begun as a limited IDF operation to disarm the various Gaza jihadists has of necessity become a full-scale war of conquest. Gaza is to be completely conquered; the Islamic jihadists liquidated and their weaponry permanently destroyed. The political decision to destroy HAMAS, et al, stems from their abject refusal to accept Israel's right to exist. The only question I have at this time: How long will it take for HAMAS military allies to intervene on their behalf against Israel?

22 July 2014 - OPE Day 15/Ground War Day 5: The focus of late in the media is on the numbers of casualties: IDF casualties and enemy casualties. The enemy has no regard for casualties, combatant or non-combatant civilian. In Islamic jihad casualties are irrelevant except as a propaganda and psychological warfare tool with which to bludgeon the morality of their Judeo-Christian enemy. The media focus on casualties is almost certainly due to the limited amount of information trickling back in from the front lines as the IDF advances deeper into and around Gaza City. The battle raging in and under HAMAS' heavily armed Shuja'iyya district redoubt is extremely fierce, however at least one column of IDF armor has reportedly pierced through to the Zeitoun neighborhood that lies directly east of Shuja'iyya and south of Gaza City.

To the north Hezbollah in Lebanon is voicing its support of HAMAS and the PIJ. It remains to be seen exactly what Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah meant by saying, "The Lebanese resistance is willing to cooperate completely, in order to realize the goals of the Palestinian resistance, and to ensure the failure of the aggression."

Final Update - OPE Day 15: It is very much worthwhile noting this morning that a very curious block of pro-HAMAS nations has emerged which has aligned itself against the Israeli-Egyptian alliance, even in the attempts at achieving, or thwarting as the case may be, a ceasefire in Gaza. The curious block most notably includes the Muslim nations of Turkey, Sudan (Kuwsh), Iran (Persia/Paras). Little Qatar is the lone purely ethnic Arab state in this group. Prophecy students will immediately notice the first three in this alignment also figure in Ezekiel 38/39 as the second-tier nations listed by Ezekiel who will in the future come against Israel as part of the northern Magog confederation. Everywhere we look these days the nations involved in current and future Bible prophecy fulfillment are exactly where they should be with respect to those prophecies.

23 July 2014 - OPE Day 16/Ground War Day 6:  It is my opinion that the current U.S. FAA ban on flights to Israel has nothing to do with the safety of commercial aircraft and their passenger but has everything to do with a form of economic and political punishment upon Israel because the IDF is in the process of destroying HAMAS and re-conquering the territory of Gaza. Were the FAA ban truly what the U.S. Obama Administration claims it to be then all commercial flights to Russia would have been banned since their military shootdown of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 on 17 July 2014.

Day 16 begins with the IDF having achieved the hard-fought position of now being able to inflict a crushing blow against the entire terrorist infrastructure in Gaza. IDF commanders are looking to Jerusalem for approval to launch such an operation across the remaining unconquered parts of Gaza, and then to take the war down into the terrorists subterranean C2 (Command and Control) bunkers. They have the technical means of executing such an offensive that would significantly reduce combat risks to individual IDF soldiers but prove to be imminently lethal to the terrorists. Git'r'done.


mark3210 said...

Well said, Sean.

I was pretty much thinking the same thing before you posted that.

Kenneth Moore said...

Who will come to the aid of HAMAS first?
ISIS, Syria, Iran or maybe Russian troops!!

Anonymous said...

When ISIS announced their call for a caliphate, I knew war was coming. I try not to jump the gun when Israel is in a conflict, but I agree with you. What I would like to know, is ISIS backing Hamas? We are not hearing anything in the news about them.

Sean Osborne said...

That's the question I posed at the end of the last SITREP.

The answer is in Bible prophecy, but no one has examined what the Lord has prophesied to address the question I posed.

Sean Osborne said...

ISIS (a/k/a the Islamic State) is in Gaza.

However, they are not fighting on HAMAS and the PIJ's side against Israel.

The Islamic State's strategic direction is focused on securing Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan before moving into a war against Israel.

Things may change, but this is the Islamic State's warfighting strategy at the present time.

Jeremy Lobb said...

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your up dates, they always impress:-)!

The sadness for me is when this fighting is reported on TV news it is referred to as Israel's war and is always implied that Israel started it. The other thing is now suddenly Hamas and the international media are requesting a peace agreement and as usual twist it to make Israel look bad and the aggressor!

Very sad that the "sheeple" believe this.....

Please keep them coming.

mark3210 said...


I can't help but note that while much of the media and politicians go crazy over casualty figures every time Israel defends itself, there are over 150,000 casualties next door in Syria right now.

Where's the outrage over that?

Such hypocrisy!

Sean Osborne said...


Exactly correct... HAMAS started this war by kidnapping three innocent teenagers in Israel and murdered them in cold blood. Then came the rocket fire against civilian targets. HAMAS deliberately started this war; it should perish as a direct result (which is 100% consistent with Bible prophecy).

Sean Osborne said...


Nobody cares about the death toll in Syria where it is Muslims killing other Muslims by a very wide margin.

This doesn't stir me to outrage; they're just doing what their satanic verses tell them they must do. I just brush that dust off my sandals and wish them happy hunting.

And if we remember, even Zero wanted to get in on the act and kill off some more of them not that long ago with airstrikes.

Now there's a hypocrite!

Sean Osborne said...

Anonymous wrote

"If this is the beginning of the Obadiah/Ps.83 war, then the caliphate could be a likely catalyst to unite the countries involved, according to scripture. What will be interesting to watch, will be Egypt and Jordan. Will they come in by force or freewill....watching and waiting."

Robert McP said...

....And the USA is no where to be found - even at this early date in the build-up to the main events to come.

Robert McP

Sean Osborne said...


Yup, that's right.

In fact, even at this early date we are unable to precisely identify the ten toes (partly of iron and partly of clay) of Nebuchadnezzar's dream icon that Daniel correctly interpreted.

hartdawg said...

I think I can identify two of the ten, Italy and Greece, based on Daniel 7 and 8. Other than that we don't know precisely who the other ten are. Good point about Syria, we often forget that what's going on in Syria is still going on in Syria and Isaiah 17 is still looming

Sean Osborne said...


I agree with Italy and Greece being "toes."

However, it is also possible ( and I think highly probable) the the whole of the EU could count as just one single toe.

I think in understanding the scope of the prophecy I think we have to open our field of view.

Consider, just as both the ancient Roman and Greek empires stood on both banks of the Bosporus and Dardanelles Straits, so too will the Beast Empire expand from West to East (hence the prophetic continuation of the symbolic two legs standing on two feet with a total of ten toes).

Now consider the Roman Empire of old and which continues to the present.

The Biblical symbolic representation in prophecy does not at all take into account the fact the ancient Roman Republic consisted of Italy, plus another 17 foreign provinces:
Sardinia and Corsica
Hispania Citerior
Hispania Ulterior
Gallia Citerior
Gallia Narbonensis
Cilicia, Syria
Bithynia and Pontus
Cyrenaica and Crete

to which were added under the emperors of the Roman Empire another 16 foreign provinces:


The coming Beast version will look very much like the ancient geographically and with an even greater territorial expanse in all directions than the former.

Robert McPeek said...

Git-Er-Done. Well said indeed, Sean....

mark3210 said...


Regarding the Hamas leadership in their bunkers, do you expect them to stand their ground and fight?

Or are they more likely to flee using the tunnels?

hartdawg said...

Sean, one thing I forgot to mention is a response to the comment that the us is nowhere to be found. It is my belief that the U.S. will remain silent, thus fulfilling the description of the U.S. In ezekiel 38:13. After which the U.S will be a part of the beast empire. Does that make sense?

Sean Osborne said...

Brian wrote to say he thought this article might be worth your time reading at

Google search any of these terms:

The Hashemite Kingdom is Threatened by the Islamic State — and the Islamic Republic
Cliff May | Jul 23, 2014

The above article pretty much reflects the same information I covered three weeks ago in "Global SITREP C12-14: The Middle East's Expanding War - Next Stop Jordan"

Sean Osborne said...


I expect HAMAS to scream for bloody murder as terrorists always do when it finally hits the fan for them; they will writhe, squirm, and then pull all stops out in an attempt to get Israel literally off of their backs.

They did not anticipate the thrashing they are receiving; they expected the international community to come to their rescue because they believe the whole world hates Israel as much as they do.

Oops... what a mistake. A fatal mistake.

Sean Osborne said...


Check this out and see if I am wrong here.

The US is not silent... it is punishing Israel for winning a military victory in Gaza.

The Obama Administration is pleading for a unilateral Israeli ceasefire privately, while publicly saying something else entirely different.

Remember... the Muslim Brotherhood is highly regarded by Obama; they were installed as Egypt's government with Obama's assistance (His Cairo Speech in early 2009) which brought about the Obama-inspired "Arab Spring", which brought about the Ikhwan Muslimun (Muslim Brotherhood) coming to power under Morsi in Egypt. Obama is responsible for bringing Islamist totalitarianism to Egypt - until the Egyptian's revolted.

General El-Sissi launched his coup d'etat and Obama reacted with venom and vitriol, cut Egypt off in all sorts of ways, including militarily. El-Sissi called Obama's bluff and said "fine, Egypt will purchase Russian military hardware.

Today Egypt is the ally to Israel that the US used to be. And Israel is doing more for human rights and peace than the US has done since Obama was elected six years ago. Israel dispatches terrorists, under Obama the US coddles them.

hartdawg said...

Sean, Doesn't that tick you off? It makes me very furious! When I read Ezekiel 38:13 I always take it to mean a wishy washy nation that is somewhat weak willed. I never saw it as claiming support publically, while punishing it privately. Perhaps that's what's implied in ezekiel 38 : 13. Still. .....doesn't that just make you mad?

Sean Osborne said...

Well, yeah, 'Dawg, it makes me positively livid.

I absolutely despise what our government is doing and not doing vis a vis Israel at war.

I just have to swallow that bitter pill because I know God is in complete control, His will is being done.

hartdawg said...

I realize that was a "duh! You think? " question lol. Just like you I have to realize God is in control. What helps me is turning to psalm 2. Dr. Reagan once did an amazing message on psalm 2. It was done a long time ago but I highly recommend watching it. I'm sure you can find it in the archives of lamb and lion. It'll be a real blessing